Die mit „Opti-S“ erzielte Oberflächengüte entspricht weitgehend Standards wie in der Medizintechnik. © Lüling

“Opti-S” is a new surface quality from the German wire manufacturer Fr.+H. Lueling. The token stands for “Optimal Surface”, and it’s intended to replace ... By  Editorial staff

© Videx

Videx has launched a new “Hot Forging line” which consists of six to ten machines. This line replaces the traditional separate forging presses and trimming ... By  Jörg Dambock

© Wafios

Hairpins are challenging bent wire components made of copper wire as the core element, clad in a layer of insulation. These electrically conductive parts ... By  Jörg Dambock

Nach einer Trennung würde sich Leoni in erster Linie auf den Bordnetzbereich konzentrieren: formstabile Kabelsätze für Pkw. © Leoni

Cable producer Leoni announces the intension to liquidate the Wire+Cable Solutions division - either via going public or divestiture, and possibly also ... By  Editorial staff