Standardanzeige bei „Ecocontrol 6000“ mit acht Messwerten. © Sikora

Measuring system “X-Ray 6000 Pro” controls the quality of cables directly in the extrusion line. Within milliseconds, an X-ray image is generated with ... By  Editorial staff

© Isabellenhuette

In addition to ultra-fine wires, cables and stranded wires made of “ISA-CON 414”, Isabellenhuette produces preliminary materials for fasteners made of ... By  Editorial staff

© Frost+Sullivan

A rising population and an infrastructure boom drive growth opportunities and stokes the demand for anti-corrosion coatings in the regions of North America, ... By  Editorial staff


The private Italian company TLM since 1979 has been manufacturing roll machines. Managing Director Pietro Sorli emphasises that a “more” of electronics ... By  Editorial staff

Kontrolle der Position des Ziehsteins: Sie ist entscheidend für die Geradheit des Prüfdrahts. © Heraeus

With an up to six times higher conductivity and a by 50% reduced diameter, the new test wires from Heraeus accelerate quality control in the semiconductor ... By  Editorial staff