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The motorized adjustable Pintle gradually adjusts to the required spool diameter. © Kurre Systems

26/06/2024 – New developments from Kurre Systems

New developments from Kurre Systems

Changing the pintle during operation

Replacing pintles for holding and winding different spools is time-consuming. In addition to the downtime, this also increases the scrap rate. What if ... By  Jörg Dambock

Through Gi’s user friendly software, each dimension is saved and recalled by part number for fast part to part changeover. © General Inspection

25/06/2024 – Quality management

Quality management

High speed inspection system selected by Swedish bolt maker

General Inspection, LLC Davisburg, MI USA recently installed a “Gi-360T” high-speed automotive bolt inspection system in Sweden. By  Jörg Dambock

Fig. 1: A 3D cable modeled in the Comsol “Multiphysics” simulation software. © Comsol

24/06/2024 – Cable manufacturing / simulation

Cable manufacturing / simulation

Cable analysis using 3D modeling and simulation technology

NKT in Sweden uses numerical modeling to investigate electromagnetic fields and calculate armor losses in 3D cable designs. The modeling results were ... Brianne Christopher

Nearly 120 passengers participated at the flight and bus trip from Düsseldorf to Nymburk to visit the NCZ in-house exhibition. © Niehoff

21/06/2024 – Niehoff looks back on a “wire 2024” of superlatives

Niehoff looks back on a “wire 2024” of superlatives

Trendsetting wire and cable manufacturing equipment

The “wire 2024” trade fair was a great success for Niehoff. The company, one of the largest exhibitors in Düsseldorf, presented a series of innovations ... By  Jörg Dambock

The new “A219” series expands upon the existing “A220” 1kV series, offering improved electrical values for 2kV applications. © Lutze

19/06/2024 – Cable manufacturer

Cable manufacturer

Cables for 2kV motor servo applications

Lutze manufactures innovative products for industrial automation such as its comprehensive line of “Driveflex VFD” cables. Lutze is expanding its “Driveflex ... By  Jörg Dambock

Rosendahl Nextrom presented itself with an entirely new booth design. © Rosendahl Nextrom

18/06/2024 – Trade fairs

Trade fairs

„wire 2024” exceeds expectations

The leading industry trade show once again attracted an impressive audience from all over the world. The diverse product range showcased at the Rosendahl ... By  Jörg Dambock
Meist gelesen Wire KW 24

Ilse Henne appointed new CEO of Thyssenkrupp Materials Services. © Thyssenkrupp Materials Services

17/06/2024 – On our own account - WIRE

On our own account - WIRE

Review of the industry - week 24/2024

At this point, we present the five most read articles of the past week. The ranking is based on your click behavior on the website. By  Daniel Keienburg