On sale: Two rolling mills one of which is a DEM 4 stand , manufactured in 2015. © Mathiasen

15/10/2021 – No longer required for continuing operations

No longer required for continuing operations

Mathiasen sells equipment of American Spring Wire Pengg

Mathiasen Machinery Inc. has been awarded an exclusive contract to sell equipment no longer required for the continuing operations of American Spring Wire ... By  Jörg Dambock

This type of machine is used in different processes like stranding, armouring and screening. © Flymca

14/10/2021 – Wire stranding

Wire stranding

New model of rigid strander

Flymca is proud to announce a new model of a machine for rigid stranding, focused on overhead, underground and subsea cables for low, medium and high voltage ... By  Jörg Dambock

Windak is highlighting the Packaging theme including the 6-axis Robot De-Palletizing Solution that can be integrated into Windak’s SW6-14 Spooling Line. © Windak

12/10/2021 – Integrated into spooling line

Integrated into spooling line

6-axis Robot De-Palletizing Solution

“Interwire” 2021 will be Windak's first major trade show since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Visitors will be able to see the working principle of ... By  Jörg Dambock

Variable endseal “Trendseal” from Troester. © Troester

08/10/2021 – Competent and reliable partner in the cable industry

Competent and reliable partner in the cable industry

Complete extrusion systems for the cable industry

At “Interwire”, Troester will present a variety of new developments in the field of: Medium, High and Extra-High Voltage CCV and VCV lines for XLPE land ... By  Jörg Dambock

The “Rotomac HS” is designed for applications in need of higher speed operations. © Magnetic Analysis

06/10/2021 – Measuring and testing

Measuring and testing

Eddy current testers for detecting seams in wire

Magnetic Analysis Corp. offers a range of rotary eddy current testers for detecting longitudinal surface defects during slow throughput or high-speed production ... By  Jörg Dambock

Setic “Single Twist Machine” with capstan. © Setic

04/10/2021 – Rotating machines for ferrous and non-ferrous cable

Rotating machines for ferrous and non-ferrous cable

Twisting/stranding solutions to cable makers

Setic and Pourtier and their US branch Gauder Group Inc have been building knowledge, experience and ability to serve the wire and cable industry in US ... By  Jörg Dambock

Roteq Machinery Inc. develops and manufacturers rotating equipment for wire and cable, umbilical, and hose industries. © Roteq

01/10/2021 – Interlocked armor on cables

Interlocked armor on cables

Next generation “V16” strip armouring machine

Roteq Machinery will present its full range of capabilities ranging from “double twist tape shielding lines” to 84” “single twist machines to optical cable ... By  Jörg Dambock