Condat supplies a comprehensive range of borax-free products, from surface treatments to wire drawing soaps. © Condat

21/05/2024 – Wire Expo 2024, June 11-12

Wire Expo 2024, June 11-12

Optimizing lubricants for eco-friendly and sustainable usage

2024 marks a significant milestone as Condat is celebrating its 170th anniversary. The company has demonstrated its ability to adapt, innovate and reinvent ... By  Jörg Dambock

New “AFCe-3Dx” line: An compact CNC Bender with updated technology. © AIM

17/05/2024 – Wire Expo 2024, June 11-12

Wire Expo 2024, June 11-12

AIM will promote its new “AFCe-3Dx line”

A proven AIM model for more than 20 years, the “AccuForm Compact”, provides even more flexibility in wire forming capability, enabling double the production ... By  Jörg Dambock

SeticC “High Speed Single Twist Machine” with rotating capstan. © Setic

16/05/2024 – Wire Expo 2024, June 11-12

Wire Expo 2024, June 11-12

Looking for rotating machines?

Visit the Setic, Pourtier, Gauder Group, Inc. and Bow Technology representative on booth 207 at the “Wire Expo 2024”. By  Jörg Dambock

This year at “wire 2024”, Windak not only showcased their innovative solutions but also celebrated their 30th anniversary. © Windak

13/05/2024 – Successful participation at “wire 2024”

Successful participation at “wire 2024”

Windak celebrates 30th anniversary

The exhibition was a great success, with Windak’s booth attracting significant attention, particularly for the “FS200-SA” spooling machine and the new ... By  Jörg Dambock

The Pave team has just designed and launched the “Pave MX-12”, a high speed multi-head machine from coil, joining a growing list of single and twin head CNC wire forming machines that can deliver speed and accuracy to your wire bending solutions. © Pave

25/04/2024 – Wire processing / bending

Wire processing / bending

Computer controlled bending machinery

Pave CNC Wire Forming Systems Ltd is not only a leading manufacturer, but probably the original innovator, of computer controlled bending machinery for ... By  Jörg Dambock

The “WBE-4L” brush machine. © Witechs

13/04/2024 – Surface treatment

Surface treatment

Opt for the best method of descaling

Come and check out the latest developments in the area of wire descaling treatments during the “wire” show in Düsseldorf. By  Jörg Dambock

SAWA (South African Wire Association) is looking forward to participating and representing their members at “wire 2024”. © SAWA

South African wire manufacturers are reputed suppliers of innovative, quality products at competitive prices with many years of international trading experience. By  Jörg Dambock