© Zumbach

Swiss Zumbach AG will present at “Interwire” its portfolio of dimensional measurement and inspection systems for wire drawing, wire insulating and cable ... By  Editorial staff

© Niehoff

Niehoff and its subsidiary Niehoff Endex North America will be exhibiting at Interwire an “MSM 83” rod breakdown machine and a “D 1252” type double-twist ... By  Editorial staff

© Sampsistemi

Sampsistemi will represent its ever-growing product range. With the acquisition of Setic, Pourtier and their Service Division C2S, Sampsistemi has enhanced ... By  Editorial staff

© Schlatter

“Posiweld CNC” is a jig welding system for joining two- or three-dimensional wire products in a one and only operation. The cell is designed for an economic ... By  Editorial staff

© Witechs

German Witechs is a technology leader in the inline pre-treatment of wire. The company’s service range includes wire pay-offs, systems for the mechanical ... By  Editorial staff