25/06/2021 – Smart cable management solution for “CRX” collaborative robots

Optimal adaptability to different applications

Leoni, global solution provider for energy and data management in the automotive and other industries, is offering a customized attachment system for the new “CRX” collaborative robots from Fanuc for mounting hose packages and components, thus expanding its Leoni B-Flex Cobot product line.


Leoni is offering a customized attachment system for the new “CRX” collaborative robots from Fanuc. © Leoni


Leoni “B-Flex” for Fanuc “CRX” provides a flexible complete solution with mounting and guiding elements for the various applications specifically for the “CRX 10iA” and “CRX 10iA/L” collaborative robots with two reach variants, a payload capacity of 10kg and a smooth, accessible design. The complete solution includes the 100-gram holder on axis 6, which can also be used as a guide aid when teaching the robot manually and can still be easily adjusted after the initial fixation. A plus in terms of user-friendliness for customers. The design allows different mounting positions without affecting the integrated connections on axis 6 and adapts optimally to the various robot inserts.

 The system can be installed easily and quickly, an “off-set” for the tools is excluded and does not have to be considered in the programming. The proven B-Flex components - B-Flex corrugated hose, B-Flex Support and the Velcro straps – guarantee flexible and non-slip installation of the hose assemblies and components. The Leoni B-Flex corrugated hose is available in sizes 23mm and 29mm, the flexible B-Flex Support with anti-slip properties fits both corrugated hose sizes, and the easy-to-install, adjustable hook-and-loop tape features a uniform length of 600mm for both CRX models.

 Maximum safety is ensured both by the components developed in accordance with the international DIN ISO/TS 15066:2017-04 standards for collaborative robots, with reduced interference contours, and by the improved visibility provided by the Axis 6 mount, which is finished in green signal color. Leoni benefits from years of experience in the field of cable management systems. All cable management systems undergo a comprehensive testing process and even after installation on site, the company supports its customers with a versatile after-sales service.

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