23/06/2021 – Straighten, cut and chamfer from Coil

Quick-change machines from Videx

Videx is offering straightening and cutting machines from coil, for short and long cut lengths, covering a wire diameter range of ؼ” to Ø1¼” with optional chamfers. The new change models will effectively cut short and long parts with an unlimited length.


25mm machine model VC35. © Videx


Chamfered on a Videx machine. © Videx


The Quick-Change machines are an ideal solution for small production batches and frequent change-over of wire diameter and length. Videx is offering integral Chamfer Cutting and Stamping stations, working dry and clean, and automatically collecting the chips off the work area. The parts are positively gripped in the chamfer station, assuring smooth, vibration-free chamfers with longer life to the chamfer cutting tips. The positive gripping allows also facing and chamfering on one side only, if needed. Length change in all models is completed in seconds, while complete wire diameter change takes 15min to 20min. Practical cut-off rates are 100PPm to 200PPM for straight parts and up to 80PPM for chamfered parts. Length accuracy is ±0.1mm/m due to use of positive stop on all parts. A finished-parts-magazine is available for customers who like to connect the machine to another machine for secondary operations or for packaging.

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