17/01/2023 – On our own behalf - Wire

Week 02/2023 in retrospect

Here, we present you the top articles from our four categories. This week, the most read one comes from the category „Business“.


Ulla Niehoff, Chairwoman of the Walter and Elfriede Niehoff Foundation, and Prof. Dr. Ralph Schneider, President of the OTH Regensburg, sealed the cooperation with their signatures. There were also present (in the back, from left to right) the foundation board members Holger Hoefer and Rainer Vockentanz as well as Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schaeffer, Matthias Schuderer (M.Sc.) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carsten Schulz from the OTH Regensburg. © OTH Regensburg/Michael Hitzek