13/12/2022 – GI added new algorithm to its’ “Vision Lab”

Non-contact gauging system measures high/low threads

General Inspection, LLC recently added a new high/low thread measuring algorithm to its’ “Vision Lab”. The 3D fastener gauging system, has the most comprehensive thread measurement capabilities, including all pertinent system-22 requirements, lobular shaped threads and now a specific algorithm for high/low threads.


General Inspection recently added a new high/low thread measuring algorithm to its “Vision Lab”. © General Inspection


The Vision Lab allows manufacturers and distributors to measure all critical part features including high/low threads in less than 5s. In addition to threads, the “Vision Lab” measures all profile features, including GD+T characteristics. An optional “end view” inspection measures and detects defects on both ends of parts including features such as: recesses, inner/outer diameters, through holes and counterbores. Optional surface control is used to detect visual detects, such as bad plating, thread patch presence/quality, as well as, measuring knurl width, gap and height. Optional slewing optics automatically tilt for an enhanced view into the radius of the threads to measure root radii and pitch diameter. Optional upper tooling and bit kit are available for uneven parts or parts with a recess drive. For time savings, traceability and removing error, the “VisionLab” creates customised, thorough reports with graphs and data charts which can also be uploaded to 3rd party SPC packages. Greg Nygaard, Vice President Sales and Marketing at G.I stated: “by popular demand, we’ve added a tool to our Vision Lab system to make measuring high/low threads as simple as a press of a button”.

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