Illustration of a comparable fully automatic sawing and strapping line. © SMS Group

28.06.23 – Cutting / Sawing

Cutting / Sawing

Fully automatic sawing line for aluminum billets

American producer Century Aluminum has placed an order with Hertwich Engineering GmbH, Austria, a subsidiary of SMS group, for a fully automatic sawing ... Von  Jörg Dambock

Automatic cycle for strapping on the roll in four positions. © Tramev

26.06.23 – Automatic cycle for strapping on the roll in 4 positions

Automatic cycle for strapping on the roll in 4 positions

Strapping station

Suitable for coils weighing up to 1,500kg, with an internal diameter of 400mm and an external diameter between 800mm and 900mm. Von  Jörg Dambock

Tramev offers portable tools for cutting, straightening and bending wire. © Tramev

03.05.23 – Wire processing / Tools

Wire processing / Tools

Portable tools for cutting, straightening, bending and punching

Tramev Srl. is a tool manufacturer and supplier for international producers of wire and wire by-products. Von  Jörg Dambock

Grating and Shear. © Clifford

27.06.22 – Cutting


Automated grating shear

Traditional methods of cutting gratings such as the use of band saws, cold saws or manually using gas torches are a thing of the past. Clifford's new grating ... Von  Jörg Dambock

The Unit R4,2 [e] operates energy-efficiently thanks to its adjustable time-out function. © Krenn

Krenn, specialist for cutting steel presents the innovative electrical unit “R4,2 [e]”. It is suitable as driver for their “KX” steel cutters and straighteners. Von  Jörg Dambock

The Videx chamfer system allows short parts to be chamfered, down to 90mm long. © Videx

22.04.22 – Straightening and cut-off machines

Straightening and cut-off machines

Straighten, cut and chamfer

Videx manufactures straightening and cut-off machines for both short and for long cut lengths. Von  Jörg Dambock

The Precision Cut MJC series was developed for straightening and cutting straight and right-angled sections of wire and pipe without burrs and in large quantities. © Jouhsen-Bündgens

16.11.21 – For short steel and stainless steel sections

For short steel and stainless steel sections

Burr-free straightening and cutting whether straight or angled

“Precision Cut MJC” is a series of straightening and cutting machines that can straighten and cut short, straight and angled sections without any burrs. Von  Jörg Dambock