“ETC-1/HF”, an efficient tungsten carbide die grinding and polishing equipment. © Eder

29.03.24 – Wire drawing / dies

Wire drawing / dies

Reconditioning die working equipment

Offering innovative concepts in the field of reconditioning die working equipment, Eder-Austria is sustaining and developing its distinctive advanced position ... Von  Jörg Dambock

“HGM 21” in operation. © Eder

27.03.24 – Strongly growing drawing die quantities in multiple wire drawing processes

Strongly growing drawing die quantities in multiple wire drawing processes

Economical maintenance solutions

All things in life are subject to wear – drawing dies are no exception. Sooner or later, and depending on the quantities of wire produced and the care ... Von  Jörg Dambock

The “DMS-M” is equipped with one measuring lens, with a choice of 5 lenses depending on the drawing die diameter range, that has to be measured. © OEG

29.12.23 – Quality management / drawing dies

Quality management / drawing dies

“DMS-M” drawing die measuring system

OEG GmbH Germany has been known as a manufacturer of drawing die geometry measuring devices for many years. Recently, customers have been asking for a ... Von  Jörg Dambock

Fully automatic ultrasonic PCD; ND die polishing machine model “SAU-150”. © Ajex+Turner

16.05.23 – Wire drawing / Tools

Wire drawing / Tools

Automatic machine for the repairing of dies

Ajex+Turner has developed a new automatic machine for the repairing of diamond and PCD dies in a size range from 0.10mm to 4.00mm. Automatic needle grinding ... Von  Jörg Dambock

Siegfried Eder started with the production of tungsten carbide drawing die tools, © Eder

17.06.22 – Eder Engineering-Austria celebrate their 75th anniversary

Eder Engineering-Austria celebrate their 75th anniversary

Initial goal has remained unchanged

Eder Engineering-Austria, founded in 1947, are proud to celebrate their 75th anniversary in 2022 and since have been pioneers and technology leaders in ... Von  Jörg Dambock

“ETC-1 HF”: for working of round tungsten carbide dies. © Eder

27.05.22 – Die-tool processing equipment

Die-tool processing equipment

Only good dies draw good wire

Eder Engineering-Austria for over 75 years supplies technically leading die-tool processing equipment to the international wire and cable industry, and ... Von  Jörg Dambock