16/05/2023 – Wire drawing / Tools

Automatic machine for the repairing of dies

Ajex+Turner has developed a new automatic machine for the repairing of diamond and PCD dies in a size range from 0.10mm to 4.00mm. Automatic needle grinding makes it possible to reduce each machining cycle to only a few seconds duration while maintaining accurate and consistent die geometry.


Fully automatic ultrasonic PCD; ND die polishing machine model “SAU-150”. © Ajex+Turner


This feature makes the machine particularly useful for the repair of multi-line sets or in operation where large no of dies must be maintained with accurately controlled reduction angles. At the completion of the programme the drill head uplift itself and the next die can be worked immediately with the same or a modified programme. Needle changing is simple and up to 20 dies can be worked with a single needle. The machine have self-contained bench unit, housing ultrasonic generator, drill head, die spindle and grinding assemblies, together with electronic and pneumatic systems. Attention has been given to simplify all operations, adjustments and maintenance. It will work on 220V single phase. The machine is equipped with sensors and do the grinding and polishing of angles and bearing in one operation, which save time, energy and also very cost effective. In automatic operation the machine will repeat a drill and machining sequences as many times as required.

At the completion of the programme, the sensors make the drill head rises and the next die can be worked immediately with the same or modified programme. The machine operates at very high speed and can recondition dies in a very short time of period. It provides accurate and precise angles on re-cut dies.Customers can achieve mirror polish using Ajex diamond powder and steel pins with compressed air pressure. Needle changes are very simple and up to 20 dies can be worked with a single needle. The ultrasonic generator is 150V and works on very high speed. This machine is suitable for die hole sizes from 0.10mm to 4.00mm. It is 220/240V and is air cooled. It is a European design, developed in India. Ajex+Turner is a fast growing technology driven unit engaged in the manufacturing of wire drawing dies and die polishing/reconditioning machineries and their consumables.

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