29/03/2024 – Wire drawing / dies

Reconditioning die working equipment

Offering innovative concepts in the field of reconditioning die working equipment, Eder-Austria is sustaining and developing its distinctive advanced position across the globe and will present its various technologically leading equipments at “wire 2024” in Düsseldorf.


“ETC-1/HF”, an efficient tungsten carbide die grinding and polishing equipment. © Eder


High-speed wire-type “HGM-21” sizing/calibrating machine. © Eder

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The following exhibits/developments will be displayed:
 – Leading die-tool processing machines for the repair and/or production of ultrahard tungsten carbide-, diamond-, PCD precision die-tools. (standard, semi- automatic and automatic conceptions).
 – Die workshop ancillary equipment (cleaning/measuring devices, microscopes etc.)
 – Technical assistance programs (installation, training, die-reconditioning etc.)

Eder Engineering will offer a variety of latest technological developments in drawing die-tool working machines that benefit users by providing longer die life, more tonnage drawn, accurate die reconditioning and lower operational costs. It will display the following models: the “ETC-1/HF”, an efficient tungsten carbide die grinding and polishing equipment for a work range of 0.70mm to 20mm; the “USP-Twin” for refurbishing PCD dies for multi-wire drawing machines; a unique ultrasonic model with two workstations that can efficiently work all die-sizes from 0.05mm to 8.0mm, operated by one only person, doubling output; the high-speed wire-type “HGM-21” sizing/calibrating machine, some special die-workshop ancillary devices and other equipment for processing of diamond/PCD dies.

Some examples of Eder machines which will be presented in Duesseldorf:
ETC-1/HF: Special internal semi-automatic grinding and polishing machine for processing both the reduction cone as well as the cylindrical bearing of round tungsten carbide drawing dies in record-time. Both processes are completed in a single machine work cycle, greatly improving die processing throughput. Work range: 0.70mm to 20mm Ø.
HPM: Compact Hand Polishing unit with safety protection cover, two selectable rotary speeds, electric break and a 3-Jaw chuck to take up die-casings up to max. 100 mm Ø..
HPM-L: taking die-casings up to 160 mm Ø.

Advanced diamond/PCD die processing equipment
To handle the growing number of drawing dies that need to be repaired, Eder Engineering-Austria have developed two easy-to-use, ideally complementary high-performance machines for ND/PCD die maintenance, which accomplish this task with the least possible use of trained personnel and also for the entire, most important die size range from 0.05mm up to 9 mm Ø in each case.

 The first of these two machines, is the powerful ultrasonic machine, type "USP-Twin", which is equipped with two independently activatable work stations, requires only one operator and thus offers double the throughput of repaired and reusable drawing dies.

 To calibrate and polish the entire quantity of drawing dies, already pre-machined in the cones, Eder offers the wire calibration machine, type "HGM-21", also being equipped with two independent work stations, not to cause a "bottleneck" in the overall work operation.

At “wire” Eder will offer a variety of latest technological developments in drawing die-tool working machines, allowing the users to benefit by:
 – longer life of the dies and higher tonnage drawn;
 – accurate reconditioning of the die; durability with minimal maintenance costs;
 – lower operational cost; reduction of manpower (due to high degree of automation built-in); easy operation; and last, but not least….
 – over 75 years of experience and proven after-sale support of Eder-Austria.

Eder would like to welcome customers at their booth to discuss industry’s new trends and concepts with their experts, particularly showing ultimate solutions for the efficient reconditioning of dies and would be pleased to visualise the many benefits, outstanding potentials and capabilities of their machines.

wire 2024, hall 10 booth C 42- 01

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