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The new measuring device “Alpha One” is equipped with only one images field, depending on the outer diameter range. © IIM

13/07/2021 – Precise quality control directly at the extruding line

Precise quality control directly at the extruding line

Visio Cable Pro presents new measuring device for cables

The new automatic wall thickness and cross-section measuring device “Alpha One” from Visio Cable Pro is the perfect complement to the proven all-rounder ... By  Jörg Dambock

The Lubriscore rating is available for a wide range of Condat lubricants, including wire drawing soaps, metalworking fluids, cold heading oils, hydraulic oils, die lubricants, cooling lubricants, hardening/quenching fluids and maintenance lubricants. © Condat

12/07/2021 – On our own behalf - Wire

On our own behalf - Wire

Week 27/2021 in retrospect

Here, we present you the top articles from our four categories. This week, the most read one comes from the category „Products“. By  Daniel Keienburg

From left to right: Mahantesh Hiremath, Karen Ohland, Thomas A. Gardner, Samuel J. Korellis and Wolf Yeigh. © ASME

12/07/2021 – Three new members of the Board of Governors announced

Three new members of the Board of Governors announced

Mahantesh Hiremath begins term as ASME’s President

Effective since June 15, 2021, Mahantesh Hiremath, Ph.D., P.E., FASME, has begun his term as the 140th president of the American Society of Mechanical ... By  Jörg Dambock

The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) is a non-profit research organisation, which serves as the world forum on various aspects of the international stainless steel industry. © ISSF

09/07/2021 – International Stainless Steel Forum elects new Board

International Stainless Steel Forum elects new Board

The ISSF Officers for 2021-2022

The Forum and its work are governed by the ISSF Board, which meets twice a year. Elected by the members, the Board is composed of up to 18 members. By  Jörg Dambock

© Messe Düsseldorf

08/07/2021 – Wire Show 2021

Wire Show 2021

Messe Dusseldorf Shanghai and SECRI expand their cooperation

A strong trading platform for the global wire and cable industry will now take place every year in Shanghai, thanks to “wire China” and the “Wire Show”. By  Jörg Dambock

The new elected Board of Directors will have its constituent in-person meeting as soon as possible and by then vote on the roles of EMVA President; Vice President and Treasurer amongst its members. © EMVA

07/07/2021 – European Machine Vision Association

European Machine Vision Association

EMVA General Assembly elects new Board of Directors

The General Assembly of the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA), due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions taking place in an online format June ... By  Jörg Dambock

CV lines are now producing multiple submarine cable campaigns at a record-breaking speed of 1.55 m/min for a 220kV 400 mm2 copper conductor cable core. © Maillefer

06/07/2021 – Round Value Package Premium

Round Value Package Premium

High-speed curing

Recently, Maillefer has successfully commissioned several of the fastest and technologically most advanced high-voltage VCV lines to date. By  Jörg Dambock