Spring manufacture


Mubea uses Ansys “optiSLang” to optimize coil springs. © Mubea

04.04.23 – Mubea uses Ansys “optiSLang”

Mubea uses Ansys “optiSLang”

How simulation can optimize coil springs

Mubea is regarded as a lightweight specialist for heavy-duty spring and vehicle components.In order to develop optimal products, they use optimisation ... by Thomas Löffler and Sergej Schneider

This unique fibreglass suspension spring has already been put to its first real test at a major automaker. © Rheinmetall

28.03.23 – Rheinmetall wins “SPE Automotive Award 2022”

Rheinmetall wins “SPE Automotive Award 2022”

Special accolade for new fibreglass suspension spring

Rheinmetall has won the coveted “SPE Automotive Award 2022” with its globally unique fibreglass suspension spring. The innovative new component overcame ... Von  Jörg Dambock

The system allows customers to quickly change the cutting method according to the characteristics of the spring to be produced: linear, rotary, fly and torsion. © OMD

14.09.22 – Spring manufacturing

Spring manufacturing

New spring coiling machine type “C9.1”

At the recent edition of the exhibition “wire 2022" in Düsseldorf OMD Officina Meccanica Domaso presented a preview of the new spring coiling machine type ... Von  Jörg Dambock

Paul-Bernd Vogtland, President of the European Spring Federation (ESF), welcomed more than 90 international guests to the event. © ESF

On June, 22nd 2022, the “International Spring Makers Conference” of the European Spring Federation (ESF) took place at the “wire” in Düsseldorf. Von  Jörg Dambock

Fig. 1: Wafios “FUL 226” CNC spring coiling machines. © Wafios

01.06.22 – Cold forming production with the Spring Coiling Machine “FUL 226”

Cold forming production with the Spring Coiling Machine “FUL 226”

Pushing the limits

The “FUL” series of spring coiling machines from Wafios meets the highest standards. In combination with a high degree of user-friendliness, the machines ... Von  Jörg Dambock

With “COM CNC” line Fortuna has reached potential of delivering custom made solution for large mass production. © Fortuna Federn

22.05.22 – The “WIM CNC” for cold or hot coiling

The “WIM CNC” for cold or hot coiling

Fully automatic lathe coiling machinery

Fortuna Federn will present at “wire” its latest products from all their machinery lines including latest spring coilers “COM” and “WIM CNC”, spring end ... Von  Jörg Dambock

High-speed automatic spring coiling machine “MT15”, fitted with the latest generation multi-axis numerical control. © Simplex Rapid

19.05.22 – Spring manufacturing

Spring manufacturing

Present and future of quality spring production

After an interruption of four years, Simplex Rapid – trendsetter in the wire industry for over 70 years – is coming back to “wire”. During these challenging ... Von  Jörg Dambock