Fig. 1: The Fraunhofer IWM material model predicts the microstructure evolution during wire manufacturing. The computational variation of the process conditions allows to predict their effects on the product properties. © Fraunhofer IWM

08.11.23 – Predicting microstructure evolution during wire manufacturing

Predicting microstructure evolution during wire manufacturing

Simulation-based microstructure prediction

The simulation of material behaviour is an important tool in process design. A model developed at Fraunhofer IWM allows predicting microstructure evolution ... Von  Jörg Dambock

Mubea uses Ansys “optiSLang” to optimize coil springs. © Mubea

04.04.23 – Mubea uses Ansys “optiSLang”

Mubea uses Ansys “optiSLang”

How simulation can optimize coil springs

Mubea is regarded as a lightweight specialist for heavy-duty spring and vehicle components.In order to develop optimal products, they use optimisation ... by Thomas Löffler and Sergej Schneider

Fig. 1: Electrical cable with shaped conductors. © Data M

20.03.23 – Wire drawing / Simulation

Wire drawing / Simulation

Wire drawing with “Copra”

The new version of “Copra FEA RF Wire Rolling” now also includes a feature to simulate shaped wire drawing. The software considers the nonlinear plastic ... Von  Jörg Dambock