A pull-in gripper moving by a ball screw is pulling in the wire, which is then taken over by the chaintrack drawing system. © EJP Maschinen

03.04.24 – Machinery for wire, bar, tube and section production

Machinery for wire, bar, tube and section production

One-stop-shopping solutions for the entire “wire” process chain

At ”wire 2024”, the three EJP companies – EJP Machines, EJP Wire Technology and EJP Tosca Shot Blasting Plants – will be showing their products at a joint ... Von  Jörg Dambock

The “Profelis” has a blast gun manifold that ensures complete 360-degree finishing. © Vapormatt

18.04.23 – Surface treatment / Blasting

Surface treatment / Blasting

Wet blasting system for wire and cable finishing

Designed specifically for the surface finishing of wire and cable, the automatic Vapormatt “Profelis” wet blasting system creates a highly clean reactive ... Von  Jörg Dambock

Painted per customer specifications, the “RMBC 4.2-HD” is equipped with special technical features to allow the perfect blast cleaning of the compression springs as preparation for the subsequent coating process. To neutralize oil carried into the shot blast machine by the work pieces, the machine can be equipped with a dosing system for the application of a powder compound that catches and discharges the oil. © Rösler

24.03.22 – Tumble belt blast machine for coating preparation

Tumble belt blast machine for coating preparation

Blast cleaning of springs prior to coating

Shot blasting is the most common pre-treatment technology to prepare the surface of technical springs for subsequent coating operations. In a newly established ... Von  Jörg Dambock