Injection-molded and extruded polyamide components for E-mobility are typical applications for the color-stable and cost-effectively processable “eOrange” masterbatches jointly developed by Grafe and Brüggemann. © Grafe

20.07.21 – “eOrange”: color-stable, cost-effective

“eOrange”: color-stable, cost-effective

New PA color masterbatch for e-mobility

The striking pastel orange RAL2003 is increasingly being used to identify plastic-sheathed, high-voltage, current-carrying components in E-mobility to ... Von  Jörg Dambock

The reduced size of Delta Tecnic masterbatches ensures rapid incorporation and optimal dilution into the base compound, improving productivity. © Delta Tecnic

27.04.21 – Cable / Materials

Cable / Materials

Micromasterbatches to improve dilution process

Delta Tecnic, a Barcelona-based company specialized in the production and distribution of color concentrates and raw materials for plastics and cables, ... Von  Jörg Dambock