27/04/2021 – Cable / Materials

Micromasterbatches to improve dilution process

Delta Tecnic, a Barcelona-based company specialized in the production and distribution of color concentrates and raw materials for plastics and cables, promotes the production of micromasterbatches to improve the dilution process in the PVC and cable industry.


The reduced size of Delta Tecnic masterbatches ensures rapid incorporation and optimal dilution into the base compound, improving productivity. © Delta Tecnic


The micromasterbatch is a type of masterbatch with a reduced pellet size, applicable in both PVC and polyolefins, which provides better control and optimal color homogeneity. A key bet in the sector in order to make cable manufacturing cheaper, speed up production, gain efficiency and guarantee the highest possible quality. And the fact is that the reduced size of the Delta Tecnic masterbatch ensures a faster dilution, as they melt and incorporate the compound earlier. Through this innovative solution, manufacturers can optimize their production processes, achieving higher quality in the final result and reducing costs.

Achieving a reduced size masterbatch
During the masterbatch extrusion process, the pigments, i.e. the raw material, are dispersed. Originally, the pigments have agglomerates in their structure, which are separated in this process into crystalline units and then encapsulated in a polymeric base. After encapsulation of the single units, the pellet is formed and prevented from re-agglomerating, avoiding impurities or sparks in the final product. Delta Tecnic ensures the best dispersion and optimal dilution in the extrusion process with maximum coloring strength.

The company promotes from its Delta Color division a series of micromasterbatch solutions developed for all types of applications in the cable sector and the PVC industry. As novelties, the following stand out:
– Micropellet. PVC-based masterbatch for all types of applications in the PVC and cable industry, developed to improve dilution in the compound.
– Small Micropellet. Color masterbatch for all types of applications in the cable manufacturing and PVC industry, where fast dilution and good homogeneity are required. With a particle size three times smaller than a standard pellet, it guarantees color homogeneity without dust contamination.
– Micro Bead. PE and EVA based masterbatch for the cable industry, it allows to improve color dilution where traditional masterbatches do not achieve good color homogenization. Its reduced design improves dosing compared to traditional granules. This masterbatch formulation helps to eliminate defects or areas of uneven color in cable manufacturing.

Optimal improvement of the dilution process
Dilution is the process by which the masterbatch is incorporated into the compound for the transformation of the plastic. The factors that influence the quality of the dilution are diverse, including the formulation and the size of the pellet of the masterbatch. From Delta Tecnic, the objective is to provide a masterbatch that ensures the fastest possible dilution.

For a better process result, a proper dosing must also be performed. Thanks to the excellent selection of our pellet size regularity the dosing of our masterbatches is done in an optimal way, without causing problems during their entry into the extrusion process. In many cases a mixing unit in the dosing system can help to improve the homogeneous distribution of small pellets in relation to large pellets. When all this mixture is discharged into the extruder, the homogenization of the final color of the manufactured part is optimized.

The trend of increasingly shorter and faster extruders, which generate cable with less wall thickness of the insulation layer, makes it more difficult to achieve perfect color homogeneity. Therefore, thanks to the new reduced size pellet masterbatch, it is easier to improve the results in terms of color homogeneity.

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About Delta Tecnic
Delta Tecnic was created in 1982 to market raw materials in the plastics, cables, inks, paints and cosmetics industries and to distribute leading global brands. With over 38 years of experience and 20,000 m2 in facilities, Delta Tecnic has grown to solidify its position as a leader among trading companies in Spain, and has become one of the world’s main producers of masterbatch for the cable and PVC industries.

Of Delta Tecnic's three divisions, DeltaColor Masterbatch is the most important, with a production capacity of 18,000 tonnes a year. The division also has more than 11,000 products and 22 production lines. As for the Delta Trading Pigments and Plastics divisions, they distribute leading brands like Eckart, Cabot, Cinic and Aralon.

With 3% of its total turnover devoted to R&D, the company is focused on technological innovation and service quality, providing in-depth knowledge of the market and formulations and optimising the client's processes to become a technological partner focused on product development and innovation. The company currently exports to more than 60 countries and has an export volume of 80%, which make it one of the leading players in the market.