The breakthrough of e-mobility has led to a rapidly increasing requirement for high-voltage wires. © DIIT / shutterstock

29.06.22 – Automation, Standardisation, Digitalisation

Automation, Standardisation, Digitalisation

Wiring harness sector must focus on these trends

Wiring harness manufacturers are facing major challenges. The high demand for electric cars in particular is making wiring harnesses more important and ... Von  Jörg Dambock

E/E groups will work in a highly unified design environment that improved first-time-right electrical harness quality and smoother supply chain integration. © Siemens

17.01.22 – Next generation electrical/electronic (E/E) systems development

Next generation electrical/electronic (E/E) systems development

Siemens‘ “Capital” software selected by Airbus

Siemens announced that Airbus has selected “Capital” electrical/electronic (E/E) systems development software from Siemens‘ “Xcelerator” portfolio to accelerate ... Von  Jörg Dambock

Trace objects must be selected and equipped with traceability technologies. © DIIT

01.03.21 – On our own behalf - Wire

On our own behalf - Wire

Week 08/2021 in retrospect

Here, we present you the top articles from our four categories. This week, the most read one comes from the category „Reports“. Von  Daniel Keienburg

At present, the maturity of the process flows constantly decreases from P1 to P3 when it comes to tracing wiring harnesses. © DIIT

With the rise of autonomous driving and electrification, manufacturers of wiring harnesses will soon be confronted with completely new quality requirements. ... Von  Redaktion