26/06/2024 – New developments from Kurre Systems

Changing the pintle during operation

Replacing pintles for holding and winding different spools is time-consuming. In addition to the downtime, this also increases the scrap rate. What if it were possible to change the pintle during operation - without any set-up times or loss of material? Kurre Systems asked itself the very same question.


The motorized adjustable Pintle gradually adjusts to the required spool diameter. © Kurre Systems


The fully automated Double winder “VA-P-800” was the first system to utilize the automatic step pintle. © Kurre Systems

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The German company Kurre recently developed a method to significantly increase the availability time of the system. The new development is being used for the first time in the fully automatic “VA-P-800” double winder. The fully automatic machine offers two winding stations that automatically wind one after the other thanks to the overlapping function. Kurre Systems utilizes the time during which one of the winding stations is in the waiting position for the "changeover".

 "We cooperated closely with our customer on this development," says Thorsten Wilde, Wilde, Head of Sales and Project Management, explaining the development process. "The customer wanted to change the pintles during production to be able to accommodate different spool sizes. This resulted in a small revolution: the motorized adjustable step pintle."

 The pintle gradually forms the spool diameter spectrum desired by the customer. In order to change over, the sleeve is moved axially by a motor until it fits into the appropriate hole. Ultimately, universal friction discs provide the required clamping and a secure drive. The stepless clamping mechanism also enables the processing of pressure-sensitive spools (e.g. made of plywood).

 "We were quite impressed by the result," explains Wilde. "Above all, the resulting increase in effectiveness and cost efficiency," Wilde points to an OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) calculation, which also illustrates the efficiency of the pintle in terms of ROI. "Compared to a conventional pintle, the use of the step pintle significantly increases system availability. The lack of system downtime saves time and material."

 Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that the system is very user-friendly. Instead of changing pintles within a narrow machine, the operator can now do this easily on the HMI with touch panel, which is also a great ergonomic advantage for the operator. Naturally, the winding data is saved in the particular product's process data.

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