12/04/2024 – Spring manufacturing

A greener path for spring-former “SFX” series

Today, the impact of climate change on the earth is getting severe. As machine builders, Taiwan Simco Company has the responsibility to meet the new standards set for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The “SFX” series spring forming machine powered by Siemens is a machine that can effectively save energy and reduce carbon emissions.


“SFX 40” Spring former powered by Siemens can effectively save energy and reduce carbon emissions. © Simco


Fig.1-1: Measured harmonic voltage and international standard value. © Simco

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Simco teams up with Siemens Taiwan to launch a state-of-the-art spring-forming machine, the “SFX” series. It is not only more eco-friendly to the environment but also much more productive compared to existing machines in the market.

Simco do believe their collaboration would satisfy the customers by
– ensure the quality of electricity
– save energy consumption
– deliver transparent manufacturing information with the Internet of Things (IoT)
– double the productivity.

Ensure the quality of electricity
Sometimes, when their machines were shipped to other countries, they didn't work well. After a long confirmation process by carrying many testing instruments on site, Simco found out the quality of electricity in some counties wasn't as stable as they thought it could be. In order to solve this issue, within their machine, except for measuring the common energy consumption data, for instance, power factor, active power, and reactive power, Simco measure three key data followed by international standards to determine the quality of electricity – those are Harmonic voltage (Fig.1-1) and current (Fig.1-2), Neutral current, and Three-phase electric balance (Fig.1-3). Good quality of electricity is quite crucial for energy saving.

Save energy consumption within spring-forming machines
Simco make their machines feasible to regenerate the power from the decelerating motors to the Common DC BUS and then release the power to the other running motors to reduce total power consumption. In addition, in case there is more power generated than the machine needs, it could be feedback to the electric grid. Users can easily confirm the amount of regenerated power through the user interface via the regeneration system.

Deliver transparent manufacturing information with the Internet of Things (IoT)
These days, digitalisation is not just a slogan; in fact, it is necessary for industrial manufacturing. Their customers are always required to get more and more processing data during product manufacturing to calculate key indicators or factors for evaluating machines’ performance; moreover, An easy-to-understand, smart-to-access platform for showing and reaching those factors is highly requested as well.

To fulfill customers’ needs, Simco and Siemens Taiwan introduced Siemens industrial edge into their machines. Customers can check all the raw data as well as calculated data such as energy consumption, the cost of energy, the carbon footprint of products (CFPs) (Fig.3-1), and overall equipment efficiency (OEE)*1 (Fig.3-2)

Double the productivity
Besides what Simco described from 1. to 3., the Siemens control system can effectively increase the speed of their machine as well. The feeding motor is increased by 1.5 times and the mechanical slide motor speed is increased by 2 times while ensuring positioning accuracy.

At Simco, they're deeply committed to technological advancement and sustainability, constantly seeking innovative ways to reduce environmental impact. The partnership with Siemens Taiwan goes beyond machines; it signifies their dedication to a cleaner and more eco-conscious future. Let contribute to a greener world together.

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