10/06/2022 – Auxiliaries

Pay-offs and take-ups for steel and stainless steel wires

M+E Macchine+Engineering S.r.l. specialize in the design and manufacturing of pay-offs and take-ups for steel and stainless steel wires in coils or on spools for annealing, patenting, galvanizing, oil tempering and other in-line processes, with long experience in the steel-cord industry.


Stationary capstan take-up frame for galvanized wire coiling. © M+E


M+E also manufacture wet drawing machines for steel and stainless steel wire complete with horizontal or vertical axis spoolers. They have their headquarters in Dervio, on lake Como, about 40 miles north of Milan.

M+E production range consists of:
– pay-offs from stationary spools or carriers
– rotating pay-off turntables for spools or carriers
– horizontal or vertical spool pay-off frames (option: double accumulation capstan)
– rotating capstan take-up frames for carriers (option: spiral laying, wire skin pass, dual size capstan)
– stationary capstan take-up frames for carriers (option: pattern laying, accumulation device, dual size capstan)
– horizontal or vertical spool take-up frames (option: double accumulation capstan)
– pay-offs and take-ups for bead-wire and steel cord
– automatic or semi-automatic coils compacting and strapping lines
– wet drawing machines (for ultra-fine wire, saw wire, steel cord, spring wire, rope wire, staple and clips wire) complete with traditional horizontal or vertical spoolers or the newly developed series of full automatic spoolers with no operator’s intervention

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