05/06/2022 – Auxiliaries

Pay-off and take-up for drawing machine

At “wire” Lämneå Bruk’s will showcase and run one of their newest innovations: The “No Twist Coiler 1200”. This machine acts as pay-off and take-up for the drawing machine for a better, streamlined wire production.


No twist coiler “NTC 1200”. © Lämnea Bruk


The major advantage is the handling of the wire package as undriven pay-off, resulting in twist-free and straight wire. This machine is truly an energy saver and has significantly lower downtimes due to faster changing and set-up times. Lämneå Bruk will run this revolutionizing machine live at the newly designed stand at “wire” 2022 daily at 9:45, 10.45, 13:45 and 15:45, except for Friday the last demonstration will be already at 14:45. Their team will be delighted to advise customers about how they can get production ready for the future.

Lämneå Bruk will also showcase their well-known drawing machine as well as the second generation of the fully automatic precision layer winder. Both machines are among Lämneå Bruk's Top 3 bestselling machines for years now.

Being in the wire industry for more than 100 years equips Lämneå Bruk with specialized industry knowledge as well as finding innovative solutions for the changing demands of our international customers. All machine parts and components are designed and manufactured on-site in our facilities in Sweden allowing for highest flexibility to adapt each machine according to your specific production requirements.

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