02/12/2020 – For metals, plastics and carbon materials

New hardness tester “Wilson RH2150”

The new “Wilson RH2150” represents the next generation of hardness testers by Buehler – ITW Test+Measurement GmbH, manufacturer of instruments, consumables and accessories for materialography and hardness testing.


With its vast amount of testing scales, the new “Wilson RH2150” hardness tester by Buehler – ITW Test+Measurement is an appropriate solution for a large range of applications in quality control and research environments. © Buehler-ITW


Based on the concept of the proven, globally used “RB2000” and offering a large range of testing scales and newly developed functions, the “RH2150” meets today's testing requirements. Due to its numerous accessories, it is capable of testing many different parts and components, – whether in high-volume production applications in quality control or in the R+D lab.

With its completely new user interface and advanced statistical calculations, results graphing and easy test programmability, the Wilson RH2150 optimises testing processes. Via an integrated USB interface, results can be exported as csv and/or txt file on a memory device. The optional, individually configurable “Dia Met” test software with its further advanced programming and export functions provides for additional flexibility.

The new Wilson RH2150 series is available in two configurations for different load ranges. Whereas the regular version is appropriate for the regular Rockwell scale, the twin version also allows measuring in the superficial Rockwell scale. In addition, both can be used for Brinell depth testing with up to 187.5kgf and for und ball indentation testing that is common in the plastics and the carbon industry. The maximum specimen heights are 10″ (254mm) with size 1 and 14″ (356mm) with size 2 of the tester. The maximum specimen weight is 50kg (centered on anvil).

A number of special features provide for easy working without compromising on safety and efficiency. These include the innovative clamping device that fixes the part securely on the tester and provides stability during testing, the adjustable LED for optimum workspace illumination, indenter extensions for testing on more complex shapes as well as rigid control buttons for automatic testhead movement and test initiation. With the design and manufacturing of the RH2150 tester, the Dia Met software and test blocks all in-house by Buehler, system integration is guaranteed.

Buehler's Hardness Product Manager Matthias Pascher explains: “The trend towards ever tighter manufacturing tolerances and more advanced heat treatment methods in the automotive and aerospace industries require hardness testing systems to be durable while maintaining precise control during critical test data generation. They must be easy to use, yet flexible enough to meet the increasing demands in the industries. The new Wilson RH2150 meets these demands: This reliable and easy-to-use system offers superior accuracy and repeatability against low training requirements. The DiaMet software package enables the system to be controlled via the user interface, automatic reporting and full traceability of test results thanks to the integrated DiaMet database.”

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