© Kieselstein

German machine manufacturer Kieselstein presents his wire drawing equipment. The company is especially known for the know-how in wire shaving technology ... By  Editorial staff


AIM Inc. will be showcasing automated work cell solutions. Input wire from straight and cut or coil and form, weld and systematically arrange the finished ... By  Editorial staff

© Condat

More and more, the wire drawing industry is concerned about dust in the production. With this in mind, French company Condat will be presenting a paper ... By  Editorial staff

© Tramev

Hand held rod straighteners are ideal to put straight the leading end of coiled stock for easy insertion into a cold heading or a wire drawing machine ... By  Editorial staff

© Geo

German Geo-Reinigungstechnik offers surface cleaning systems using ultrasound, high pressure, steam, brushes and textiles. Hardly any other company offers ... By  Editorial staff