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Well-known for its products dedicated to steel wires and cables, Condat will highlight at “wire China 2023” premium lubricants for electrical wire applications.


A range of water-based lubricants are available for hot rolling of wire rod, and cold drawing operations from rod breakdown to fine wire. © Condat


Condat Qingdao started production at the end of 2022. © Condat

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For aluminum wire, Condat offers high lubricating performance soluble and neat oils, that have outstanding life cycles. They enable operations from rod breakdown to fine wire drawing. For copper wire, a range of water-based lubricants are available for hot rolling of wire rod, and cold drawing operations from rod breakdown to fine wire. They allow extended bath lifetime due to their highly robust formulation. The Chinese show will also be a good opportunity for Condat to meet with potential new distribution partners in China and its neighbor countries.

And because service is as important as products, Condat has decided to develop its presence on the Asian continent. As an industrial group, Condat has invested in state-of-the-art facilities to produce consistently high standard lubricants on 4 continents. Already present in China since more than 15 years with a local production unit in Shanghai, Condat is now expanding with a brand-new plant settled in the Shandong province with Condat Qingdao, which started production at the end of 2022.

Condat has made it a priority to be located near to its customers, both geographically and culturally with dedicated experts. The new plant will allow Condat to deliver high reliability dry drawing lubricants and surface coatings with advanced manufacturing management. This improvement of the supply chain will contribute to their CSR strategy, allowing the lowest environmental impact for the natural resources and cost savings for its customers.

Condat’s lubricants range is recognized as a world reference in the wire drawing industry and offers the widest choice of soaps, surface treatment products, neat and soluble oils. Because each wire drawing application is different, because technology and environmental challenges are constantly evolving, Condat experts develop lubricants answering specific needs and guide to the best lubrication strategy. Condat provides customers support towards a responsible performance. For wire drawing, the company offers 40 eco-designed lubricants rated through their self-scoring “Lubriscore”. Particular attention is paid to the raw materials used in formulas, which limit as much as possible the impact on resources and end users.

Besides providing eco-designed lubricants, the company is keen on solving day-to-day issues. Thanks to its long expertise in the wire industry, Condat experts give technical guidelines for the selection and use of the most suitable dry drawing lubricants. Many subjects can be addressed by the Condat team, such as reducing total wiredrawing costs, reducing the amount of dust generated in workshops, improving productivity or getting the most out of surface coatings, and so much more …

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