The Lubriscore rating is available for a wide range of Condat lubricants, including wire drawing soaps, metalworking fluids, cold heading oils, hydraulic oils, die lubricants, cooling lubricants, hardening/quenching fluids and maintenance lubricants. © Condat

19.07.21 – On our own behalf - Wire

On our own behalf - Wire

Week 28/2021 in retrospect

Here, we present you the top articles from our four categories. This week, the most read one comes from the category „Products“. Von  Daniel Keienburg

The new measuring device “Alpha One” is equipped with only one images field, depending on the outer diameter range. © IIM

13.07.21 – Precise quality control directly at the extruding line

Precise quality control directly at the extruding line

Visio Cable Pro presents new measuring device for cables

The new automatic wall thickness and cross-section measuring device “Alpha One” from Visio Cable Pro is the perfect complement to the proven all-rounder ... Von  Jörg Dambock


At this year’s “Interwire”, IIM AG will present the “VCPX5” measuring device as well as the Cable-O-Ring cutters "ORC80”, “ORC65” and “ORC Micro”. Von  Redaktion