Simple QA in cable production

At this year’s “Interwire”, IIM AG will present the “VCPX5” measuring device as well as the Cable-O-Ring cutters "ORC80”, “ORC65” and “ORC Micro”.




The primary goal of the cable measuring device VCPX5 and the suitable measuring software “VCP Easy” that goes with it is standard-compliant measurement of the geometries of insulating jackets and cable sheathing in just a few extremely straightforward steps. The diversity of the areas in which cables are used and the resulting abundance of cable variations mean that there are very individual requirements for this measurement method. In combination with the VCP Easy software, the proven VCPX5 can though now be used both in the laboratory and directly in cable production. Different operating modes are available depending on customer requirements. Whether the test plan is being read in before the start of the measurement, an externally integrated CAQ system (Aesa CIQ, Advaris etc.) is providing the required test plan or you are using the CAQ system “Pro Cable 3”, which was specially developed by IIM and contains numerous test plans in its database – VCP Easy offers the right interface.

In addition, the new version of VCP Easy includes the ability to measure customer-specific special geometries. The software also calculates other important characteristics, such as the volume and overconsumption of the material used. For cable manufacturers, these features are a big advantage when it comes to material savings. The software’s open interfaces enable smooth communication with other measuring devices on the factory floor, such as resistance bridges or tensile testers. The VCPX5 cable measuring device and the VCP Easy software therefore come together to form a central measuring unit that can be operated by almost any machine operator. In practice, this results in precise cable measurements that are not influenced by the operator and are in accordance with standards such as IEC 60811.


Interwire 2019, booth 1566

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