10/11/2022 – New in-line surface inspection system

Zumbach introduces the “Simac” generation

The “Simac 40/70” replaces its successful predecessor in the Zumbach family of surface inspection systems.


New in-line surface inspection system for all kinds of products: “Simac 40/70” from Zumbach. © Zumbach


Using state-of-the-art image processing, the “Simac” meets today’s requirements for in-line surface inspection of practically all extruded products like tubes, hoses, cables and other quality products made of plastic, rubber and other materials. With the consistent implementation of machine vision and machine learning, the Simac fulfils the demands of the market for a compact, industrial-proof and cost-effective system.

As a pioneer of in-line measurement committed to extensive research and development activities, Zumbach has continuously grown as one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of in-line measuring and control systems. Top priority at Zumbach Electronics remains customer relations through local presence combined with proven, high quality products, services, personal advice and support. Customer Benefits:
– Continuous in-line surface inspection
– The 4 cameras ensure 100% coverage even for small products thanks to overlapping zones.
– Advanced algorithms search in the image for defects based on pre-trained examples.
– Quick and easy introduction into production lines though side opening in the housing
– Compact design allows easy maintenance
– Works with all surfaces and colours
– Data recording for later analysis and defect detector training.
– Storage of defects in a data base
– Ultra-bright LED panels allow the detection of defects on darkest surfaces

Main Data:
Measuring field: 40mm or 70mm
Diameter range: 2mm – 63mm
Product lighting: LED
Max. scan rate: 140,000 scans/s

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