Well performed straightening and cutting of wire

Already in the basic version, the performance series “RE” copes with the majority of straightening and cutting tasks on wires. For further requirements there is an optional package. The control surface is based on Wafios high-performance “R” series.


Alles drin, und fast alles dran bereits in der Grundausstattung: „Performance“ Richt- und Abschneidemaschinen für Runddraht zwischen 2,5 mm und 12 mm können für spezielle Aufgaben zugerüstet werden. © Wafios


Classic areas of application for the “RE performance” machines are bars for welded fences, gabions, cable support systems, goods carriers, displays, white goods, welding electrodes, welded mesh and other bar material. The range includes the “RE 30” for 2.5mm to 7mm diameter, the “RE 40” for 4mm to 10mm and the “RE 50” for 5.6mm to 12mm diameter. Smooth wire is processed between 400N/mm² and 1,200N/mm².

The machines are operated via control panel. You can enter – and display – the mask diameter, picking speed, percent reel speed as well as the total number of pieces. Furthermore functions are integrated such as opening/closing of rollers, inching mode, open/close cover strip, open/close reel brake and error messages. The trimming by manually adjustable tripping head is a method of starting the cut electromechanically via a lever. The advantage lies in the constant, with ±0.2mm/m during the production very short length tolerance: thus in the result in the higher product quality. For individual equipment Wafios offers optional packages

- For the production of bars with short lengths at high cutting performance with fixed stop. This is a mechanical stop and thus the opportunity to produce a broader product range.

- For improved interaction of reel and straightening machine, in particular to increase the quality or increase the output performance, there are two reel series. Thus, the exclusive use of wire coils and compact coils, the use of the “H” series is sufficient. If the wire material is to be fixed for the additional processing of canopies and bobbins, reels type “AHP” are recommended.

- Another option is the “comfort package” for RE machines. This includes the additional equipment of the drive from the straightening rotor with a frequency converter as well as the compensation of the infeed speed for the reduction of the number of bars with lower length at the start of the machine. By means of the controllable rotor speed, this can be adjusted to suit the material to be processed. Depending on the application, the output of the machine should increase by 10% to 15%.

- The so called “tilting station” improves the machine availability: rods can be removed for control during ongoing production or collected and dumped in a flush-joint device or other transport device. The flush-jointing device can also be used – as an option – for the production of bundles, which can then be further processed directly in magazines of welding machines and thus save time.

- Lubricant and wire cleaning containers are placed in the machine with a holder in front of the wire inlet. This serves to pre-treat wires – which can not be further processed without cleaning the surface or material with a dry surface – with lubricant for the actual straightening process. Damage to the wire surface should be reduced or avoided altogether.

Cooling units are also available for climate-related additional requirements.

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