15/03/2024 – Modular concept for the non-destructive testing of pipes, rods and wires

Testing solutions from Rohmann

For the testing of the surfaces of long products, including pipes, rods and wires amongst others, the Rohmann GmbH offers a modular concept for materials testing with eddy currents.


“Elotest M6” – portable eddy current instrument. © Rohmann


“Elotest PL650” product family. © Rohmann


When different testing techniques – such as rotors, encircling coils or yokes for magnetising and demagnetising the test piece - are used in the production line, nowadays one device is sufficient for displaying the results.

Whether crack detection or material mix-up, “Elotest PL650” displays the test results of different testing stations, which in the past required several devices along the line. In so doing, it is convincing by its user friendliness and its unsurpassed signal purity. The modular concept for testing long products together with the licensing system for the “Elotest PL650” allow for a short change-over time, a straightforward exchange of the testing techniques and an upgrade of the eddy current testing instrument, which is possible at any time. “Elotest PL650” has been supplemented by a 19‘‘ (PL650/R) and a compacter 9.5‘‘ (PL650/RC) remote version for integration into automated systems.

The “EloLine” software, which is used during the testing of long products, has also been developed by Rohmann. It serves to visualise and record the acquired results. Serial part numbers, batches, serial numbers, length of the tested parts and the name of the inspector can for example be saved in the data base. A detailed test report for every tested part or a report on a specific production batch can of course be printed out.

Rohmann not only develops and manufactures testing instruments, but also the pertaining testing technology such as rotors, yokes, coils and sensors. The customers are supplied with customised solutions from one provider. Today, with 80 employees, the family run company is a competent and reliable partner, from the first feasibility study to making an offer and also with its support during the commissioning process as well as training.

The sales launch of the new “Elotest M6” will take place in spring. Yet another development from Rohmann. The M6 is a digital Eddy Current test instrument just like the PL650. It is small, hand-held and has functions, which are usually only to be expected from a bigger inline instrument. The “Elotest” scores with an integrated C-Scan function for array probes and rotor applications. The tester can prepare the report and record audio comments and text memos directly on site. The small Eddy Current test instrument can be used for a multitude of applications, for example in the laboratory, for controlling random samples or for very small series.

Rohmann GmbH is a company situated in Frankenthal in the Palatinate in southwestern Germany and has been developing and marketing eddy current testing instruments and accessories for non-destructive materials testing since 1977. All over the world renowned companies from the most diverse industries use testing instruments and systems made by Rohmann.

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