29/03/2021 – Booming market for E-motors requires new test equipment

Tester for hairpins used in E-motors

The new “HVC 360 SA” High Voltage Continuity Tester can be integrated in the production line as a separate Stand-alone operating unit.


The “HVC 360 SA” with a wide range of electrodes. © DSE


The HVC 360 SA with a wide range of electrodes. © DSE

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Pre-testing the wire before processing reduces the risk for producing hairpins with defects in the insulation. The equipment helps identifying if an error comes from the purchased wire or is caused by the shaping process.

Detecting defects such as:

– Cracks / Pin holes

– Weak spots

– Bare wire /Open blisters

Tailor-made test equipment secures high quality in manufacturing a complete hairpin.

All models operate inline and, in addition to the 5 fixed test presets on the front panel, also interface with the machine controller for direct adjustment of the high voltage output and measurement sensitivity. An alarm function is also available that turns on when an insulation error is detected.

Test after shaping

The winding wire is subjected to high mechanical stress in the shaping process. This could cause cracks in the insulation. The special shape of the conductive brushes provides constant monitoring of the insulation 360 degrees around the hairpin.

Depending on the application a wide range of suitable electrodes can be mounted on top of the measuring head to get a fully integrated solution.If space for mounting is limited, it is possible to separate the tester and the electrode by a cable connection.

Safe in use, the high Voltage output circuit is low power with build in two step current limiter. The maximum output current is 100µA which makes it fully safe and easy to integrate in a processing line.

High Voltage setting is from 350V DC to 6,000V DC and the sensitivity of the measuring is from 5µA to 99µA.

The space inside the hairpin processing machine can be limited. For maximum flexibility various special holders are available for both the electrode and the tester.

Video: New High Voltage Continuity Tester DSE “HVC SA” in operation https://dse.dk/p/we-do/wire-testers/hair-pins

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