28/04/2023 – Splicing time remarkably reduced

Splicing with “QCS 3000”

Maillefer has recently developed the next generation (NextGen) Quick Conductor Splicing unit “QCS 3000”. It is intended especially for splicing of Al/Cu Milliken conductors of 3,000mm² with an overall diameter of up to 70mm.


“QCS 3000” is intended especially for splicing of Al/Cu Milliken conductors. © Maillefer


By using “QCS 3000 NextGen”, the splicing time is remarkably reduced.. © Maillefer


The “QCS 3000 NextGen” makes splicing of large 2500~3000SQ Cu conductors significantly easier for the CV line operator.

Less steps needed
The need for the number of preparation steps is dramatically reduced with the “QCS 3000 NextGen” in comparison with the other splicers. It provides flexibility in production thanks to a hoisting unit and an electrically adjustable crimping head. The conductor end no longer needs to be lifted with a separate crane.

 In general, the “QCS” technology is suited for extruded XLPE-insulated MV, HV and EHV cables. As no wires have to be removed from the outermost layers of the conductor, splicing with “QCS 3000 NextGen” becomes easy and efficient. Plus, the splice end has a smaller outer diameter than the original conductor in order to facilitate passing it through a CV line’s triple crosshead.

Splicing with “QCS 3000 NextGen”
First, a Milliken conductor is lifted off the floor and onto a hoisting device, which holds it in place with two strong mechanical clamps. During the operation, a special splicing sleeve having a bigger inner diameter than the Milliken conductor is fitted over the conductor manually. Finally, the sleeve is tightly compressed around the conductor. A control panel assists the operator in making all the necessary splice adjustments of hoisting, alignment, positioning, and sleeve crimping.

Quick and easy splicing
Traditionally, the operation of splicing a Milliken conductor is rather time-consuming. It requires a skillful operator to prepare a quality splice. We typically see preparation times for one (1) conductor end take up to approximately 60 minutes to complete.

 When using “QCS 3000 NextGen”, the splicing time is remarkably reduced. Crimping itself takes only a minute, while the overall splice preparation is reduced to 10 minutes or even less. “QCS 3000” removes the complex and time-consuming operations from the splicing of Milliken conductors. This makes splicing of MV, HV, and EHV cables quick, easy, and cost-effective.

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