12/12/2022 – Making the cable industry greener and communication faster

“Roset” introduces a more sustainable production

Two major infrastructure topics have attracted a lot of attention over recent years: The environment and the need for fast internet. The cable industry plays an important role in both of them and still has to catch up. Rosendahl Nextrom is here to help.


PP material. © Rosendahl Nextrom


“Roset” equipment. © Rosendahl Nextrom

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Video conferences and remote work were a severe test for everyone’s internet connection. The expansion of fast internet access is one of the most important infrastructure projects over the next years. Speaking of pressing problems, we must address the ecological disasters that made us realise our environmental responsibility. Reducing electric waste is one part of these tasks, especially cables, since they are still hard to recycle. Let’s change that, let’s make cables recyclable and fit for urban mining.

Fewer emissions and more recycling
As a supplier, you can feel the pressure of the market for more sustainable production and more sustainable products. So far it has almost been impossible to offer an ecological alternative to common plastic materials, whilst maintaining the high standards of existing coatings. Over recent years Rosendahl Nextrom has been working hard on developing a solution for this problem. Rosendahl Superior Extrusion Technology (Roset) introduces more sustainable production technology for MV power cables up to 18/30 (36) kV based on PPC. With the same performance and high standards, it can reduce CO2 emissions and lead time during production.

 Environmental issue number two is the use of lead for submarine power cables. Since 2020 lead has been listed as a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHCs) by the EU and must be substituted by 2027.

Rosendahl Nextrom’s latest innovation helps to replace this resource. The new metal-forming, welding and corrugating line, called RH-W, helps producers to make cables more sustainable without lead. There are even more advantages. The metal barrier fulfils several electrical functions as well as many protective functions, leading to noticeable cost advantages.

Pushing optical fiber to the limit
As bandwidth and the amount of data are increasing constantly, the requirements for high-performance fiber optic cables are rising as well. More and more countries are expanding their 5G coverage, while 6G with 1 terabit/sec is already in development. At the same time fundings for fiber to the home investments are also increasing. Located in Vantaa (Finland), Rosendahl Nextrom’s R+D Center is constantly testing and improving OVD and VAD preform technology to maintain and even boost limits further.

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