05/11/2020 – Premiere at Wafios

“Reutlingen E-Mobility Days”

From November 9 to 20, Wafios' first technology exhibition on E-mobility will take place at the Wafios main plant in Reutlingen/Germany. Numerous co-exhibitors will come together at this exhibition where the revolutionary Wafios hairpin bending technology will be presented.


Everything at this event will be related to hairpin and stator production. © Wafios


Bending of a busbar on a “BMF 60”. © Wafios

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Due to the corona pandemic, the event has been extended to two weeks in order to ensure that it can be carried out safely for exhibitors and visitors alike. The corona restrictions issued by the State Government require visitors to register at www.emobility-days.wafios.com before attending the exhibition.

The entire hairpin production process will be the focus
Everything at this event will be related to hairpin and stator production and ranges from wire material to bending technology, laser insulation stripping, welding, twisting, measuring technology and testing procedures.
The Wafios “Speed Former” will be the highlight of the exhibition. It will revolutionize the production of hairpins and i-pins when it comes to flexibility and cycle times. Its high output capacity and minimum space requirement make it a very economical investment. It uses different bending processes for the production of the complex hairpin geometries, some of them are patent pending. All hairpin geometries of a stator can be produced economically in batch size 1.
The very successful “BMF 60”, for the customized production of busbars, will also be on exhibit. The “FMU 40E”, which has already been presented the year before, will also be exhibited at the “E-Mobility Days”. It is particularly suited for the small-series or pre-series production of hairpins. The new insulation stripping device “FSA 2.5” for inductor coils made of insulated copper wire, as they are used by the automotive and electric industry, was designed by Wafios engineers last year and has now been integrated into the CNC torsion spring coiler “FTU 2.5”. The output capacity of this device is still unrivalled.
Solutions for the production of ready-to-install parts, e.g. busbars, or Wafios services, such as a prototype production of your components, will also be presented at the E-Mobility Days.
For further information – also on the exhibition program of our co-exhibitors – go to www.emobility-days.wafios.com.

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