03/04/2024 – Thread rolling machines

Premiere in Düsseldorf

At “wire 2024”, Wafios Umformtechnik will be showing for the first time the new “HC 6-80” rotor press with a direct connection to an “AF 61” thread rolling machine.


The idea was to link the newly developed HC 6-80A to an AF 61 thread rolling machine using the patented PTS. © Wafios Umformtechnik


Forming machines with an integrated thread rolling unit – also known as combination machines – have recently made a comeback. However, the advantage of this type of machine, which allows production from the wire to the finished screw with a small footprint, unfortunately also has considerable disadvantages: First and foremost, low flexibility, especially when changing over to a different range of parts at short notice.

This gave the experts at Wafios Umformtechnik the idea of linking the newly developed HC 6-80A to an AF 61 thread rolling machine using the patented PTS, a space-saving yet flexible solution. The high-performance AF 61 thread and profile rolling machine from E.W. Menn will also be presented on the joint exhibition stand - the machine manufacturer is also part of the Wafios Group.

The patented “Pneumatic Transport System” (PTS), presented for the first time at "wire 2022" is the central connection between the two machines and so makes the linking compact and flexible.

The blanks pressed on the rotor press are removed directly from the die and transported via a pipe system out of the press to the desired location and in this case, directly into the feed rail of the roller.

Manufacturers of cold-formed parts who have converted to the new “PTS”, report among other things the following advantages:
– Mixing of parts after changeover to another part type is prevented.
– Avoidance of oil carry-over: The parts come out of the machine almost oil-free which often eliminates the need for an additional "parts washing" operation. This is what makes direct connection to the rolling machine possible in the first place.
– In addition, energy is saved for the conveyor belts, demagnetisers and centrifuges that are no longer required. One user was also able to reduce the amount of oil to be disposed of by up to 85%, thereby extending maintenance intervals.
– Compared to a normal ejection chute with a blast air nozzle, the same user was able to reduce compressed air consumption by over 30%.
– Less space required and a clean machine environment.

A significant progress for fastener manufacturers
The “PTS” also helps fastener manufacturers to make significant progress in the increasingly important area of sustainability.

But the new “HC 6-80A” itself - a further development of the proven Wafios Umformtechnik rotor technology - also has a number of innovations under its bonnet:
– The maximum length for screw blanks and other cold-formed parts has been increased for the first time to a previously not possible 80mm.
– A completely redesigned drive with clutch / brake combination. In concrete terms, this means that the user has much more direct power during jogging operation because the clutch only engages when the engine is revving up and the machine has reached
sufficient flywheel mass.
– For the first time, the machine is equipped with the "iQ Energy Monitoring" function: This enables precise media consumption measurement and thus makes a further contribution to saving energy.
– The major advantage of the Wafios Umformtechnik rotor technology, which has been tried and tested for decades, is its high speed which is unique in the double blow world. The newly developed “HC 6-80A” is no exception: It produces 80mm long parts at speeds of up to 380 pieces per minute.

With this innovative direct connection between cold former, “PTS” and thread rolling machine, the Wafios Group is making its contribution to greater sustainability and competitiveness in the fastener industry.

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