30/03/2024 – Wire drawing

Nearly five decades of wire drawing machines

Celebrating 45 years as a supplier of wire drawers for the fasteners industry.


The Italian manufacturer Tecno Impianti delivers since 45 years wire drawing machines. © Tecno Impianti


So far, the Italian company has manufactured and sold 2,500 in-line wire drawers, with wire diameters ranging from 1,0mm to 37,0mm.

Tecno Impianti was founded in 1979 and they are the leaders in the supply of wire drawing machines and uncoilers/pre-feeders to the Fasteners Industry.

The product portfolio for the Fasteners sector includes:
– Vertical Uncoilers. They can be supplied with or without motor, for uncoiling small diameter wire on spools or wire carriers.
– Power-Driven Horizontal Uncoilers. They are utilized for uncoil medium-big diameter wires and feed them directly into a cold header or wire drawer, in a pre-straightened form.
– Pre-feeders. They are needed for bringing the wire from a vertical uncoiler to the cold header or wire drawer.
– In-Line Wire Drawers. These machines are installed before cold headers, machines for chain, straightening & cutting machines. They resize the wire to a needed final diameter.
– Coil-to-Coil Wire Drawing Bullblocks. They are utilized for big productions of drawn wire and are supplied in different sizes and configurations: horizontal bullblocks and vertical bullblocks. Drawn wire can be taken-up on wire carriers or under form of bound coils.
– Wire Pointing Machines. They are needed for making the point to the wire head before the drawing operation. We supply them with two or four rolling cylinders, installed on fixed base or on carriage.
– Hydraulic Push-Pointers. In presence of big wire diameters, it is not easy to execute the wire pointing operation with a rolling-type unit. These machines provide a safe and quick alternative and can be installed ahead of in-line wire drawers or wire drawing bullblocks.
– Coil Tilting Units. One of our best-sellers. Putting a coil in stock on an empty wire carrier (and bring back the carrier to a vertical position) presents some difficulties and until now many customers have executed this operation in a dangerous way. Our coil tilting units represent the perfect and safe solution to this.
– Coil Compactors. They permit to compact and bind the coils of wire drawn on a horizontal bullblock.

Tecno Impianti also supplies machines to customers working in other sectors of the Wire Industry: Wire Drawing Machines for production of CO2 wire and re-drawing of galvanized wire, Cold Rolling Lines for production of smooth or ribbed wire for electro-welded mesh, Coilers, Vertical and Horizontal Spoolers.

Following products will be exhibited at “wire 2024” in Düsseldorf:
– Power-Driven Uncoiler Mod. “AP 40” for maximum diameter 40,0mm,
– In-Line Wire Drawer Mod. “SKP 16” for maximum diameter 16,0mm complete with Industry 4.0 features,
– Wire Pointing Machine Mod. “AT16-B” for maximum diameter 16,0mm.

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