08/09/2023 – An Indian wire manufacturer with a promise of quality

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Group Nirmal has an extensive product range comprising over 100 SKUs of different products including galvanized and black steel wires, aluminum conductors, ribbed wires, welding electrodes, and hot rolled steel products.


GI wire, ACSR Core wire and others. © Nirmal


Superlative GI Wire (ASTM Class B & Class C). © Nirmal


Nirmal Wires Private Ltd (Group Nirmal), is an established quality manufacturer of world-class steel wires with an annual capacity of 180,000 metric tonnes and an INR 1,200-crore (USD 150 Million) turnover operating in seven state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, all located in and around Kolkata, India. Their main products are steel wires, aluminum conductors and hot rolled steel products.

Their vision as a group is to constantly innovate while operating in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way, maintaining the highest ethical standards. Nirmal focuses on creating value and promoting inclusive growth - not only for itself, but also for its suppliers, customers, business partners, all stakeholders and the country as a whole.

Their extensive product range of over 100 SKUs of different products includes galvanised and black steel wires, ribbed steel wires, welding electrodes, aluminum conductors and hot rolled steel products. Some of their wires and their vast applications include – wires for producing umbrella ribs, various types of springs, wires for earthing, staying, armoring of cables, and concrete re-enforcement.

These wires are used in transmission, distribution of power, security and protection, fencing, automotive, agriculture, land slide and flood, embankment strengthening and many other general engineering applications. The size range of galvanized steel wires produced by us is 1.4mm to 8mm diameter with zinc coating ranging from 50gm/m² to 850gm/m² confirming to IS, BS, DIN, ASTM and JIS standards.

One of Nirmal's new products launched is the ASTM class B and class C zinc coated wires. These provide heavy coating of 850gms, with maximum durability and enhanced corrosion protection. These heavy coated wires are designed for use in harsh and corrosive environmental conditions (eg: salty and moist atmosphere near seashores). The company also produces stranded pre-stressed concrete steel wires eg. 3mm x 3mm high tensile wire (for reinforcement of concrete sleepers), ACSR Core wire (ranging from 1.57mm to 4.80mm) and messenger wires of up to 19 strands.

Their rolling mill is RDSO approved where Nirmal produce strips (82mm to 182mm width; 1.04mm to 4mm in thickness), metal liners for railways (Specifications- as per T 3738, T 3740, T 3741, T 3742), Fish Plate Bars (10 designs), flats (up to 150mm in width), angles (up to 90mm x 90mm x 6mm) and rounds (16mm to 70mm). In their steel pipes division, they produce ERW pipes and HR coil pipes which are used for fencing, scaffolding, line pipes etc.

Their galvanized wires are further processed to manufacture products like chain link fence, barbed wire, and PVC coated galvanized wires to cater to a wide range of consumers in the agricultural and individual household sector. Nirmal's retail distribution network caters to the small requirements of industrial consumers providing goods such as welding consumables wire nettings.

Future products offerings include zinc wires, zinc aluminum wires, low relaxation pre-stressed concrete wires and patented steel wires.

The company stands out in the wire and cable industry as a holistic solutions provider. They don’t just guarantee product quality; they guarantee extensive after-sales service, and a robust customer feedback collection system to further customer-first commitment. Recognized as leading innovators, the company customize and re-invent to meet customers’ requirements, without letting sustainability suffer in all production processes. A dedicated quality team works round-the-clock to ensure immaculate quality of finished products, thereby being true to the group’s vision of maximizing value for all stakeholders. All these factors have enabled them to build customer loyalty and trust, reinforcing their motto of “Quality-first”.

Nirmal Wires Private Ltd (Group Nirmal)
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