02/09/2020 – Largest in-house exhibition in company’s history

“Innovation Days” at Wafios

This year, Wafios will present their innovations in wire and tube bending machines at a unique in-house exhibition called the “Innovation Days”. This will be the largest in-house exhibition in company’s history. Due to the global corona pandemic, Wafios is facing new challenges.


Wafios “ZO” extension spring machine. © Wafios


Wafios „RST 28” tube bending machine. © Wafios


Therefore, the company is looking for alternative and innovative ways of product presentation and customer communication. This year, Wafios will thus present their innovations in wire and tube bending machines at a unique in-house exhibition called the “Innovation Days”. Given the special situation, this year’s focus will not only be on innovations but also on safety and compliance with all hygiene regulations which will be personally coordinated with the visitors.

“Innovation days” in Reutlingen and online

Provided that infection rates remain unchanged, the new trade fair concept includes a three-week in-house event (October 5 – 23) which registered visitors can attend in person, in compliance with existing legal requirements. For another two weeks, from October 26 to November 6, it will be possible to book live machine demonstrations online. Thus even customers without the possibility to travel, will have the opportunity to see the new machine program.

More machines than ever before

There will be almost 30 wire and tube bending machines – more machines than ever before – on display and available for presentation, including numerous new and further developments.

In the spring sector, the extension spring machine “ZO 26” celebrates its debut and joins the legendary “ZO” series. The new “4speed” versions of the “FUL+” compression spring machine series demonstrate the dynamic potentials that can be reached in the production of compression springs. The enhanced torsion spring machines of the “FMU+” series and the new “SNA” ring and wave spring machine show how user-friendly geometric programming and high-end mechanical engineering are intertwined. Another four single- and dual-plate spring end grinding machines from the “G450” and “G660” series will also be on display.

Wire bending: for the first time “BM 43 HS”

From the wire bending sector, the CNC coiling and bending machine “BM 36 HS” and – for the first time – the next bigger machine size “BM 43 HS” will be available for presentations. The latest “BM” generation features highly dynamic drives and the software function “iQ smart bend” for an automatic optimization of workpieces and maximum production speed.

The “BMS 50” multiple-head bending machine will make its world premiere. It extends the diameter range of the multiple-head bending machines to 10mm.

Another world’s first will be the “RE 40” wire straightening and cutting machine that will be presented together with the “R36” and “R45” machines from the “R” series. The new, user-friendly system for chamfering wire ends is integrated in the “R36”.

The Innovation Days offer the opportunity to present for the first time two new developments from the chain bending (“KER 4.2”) and chain welding (“KEH 4.2”) sectors live.

New standards for stabilizer bar bending

The “RST 28” sets new standards for stabilizer bar bending machines in terms of output capacity. The new and flexible generation of grippers installed in the “Twister²” family enables these machines to process tube-hose-tube combinations, and thus to manufacture air conditioning lines and hydraulic lines. The new “RVS” magazine for separating lines from bundles of lines, facilitates the operation of single-head and multiple-head bending machines. The new “Eco Bend 35” and “Top Bend 35” machines replace the successful “RBV 35”. They are the first machines that offer the possibility to react flexibly to changing market conditions by retrofitting the second bending direction. The compact version of the “RU” series for forming tube ends, developed by the Wafios subsidiary WTA, will also celebrate its trade fair premiere.

In addition to the different machine presentations, customers will have the chance to learn more about numerous new developments from the iQ family for process optimizations, new digital solutions, e.g. from the maintenance sector, as well as various new tool developments, like e.g. the new “Multi Bending Set” for wire bending machines.

Register now for the Wafios “Innovation Days” on October 5 – 23, 2020: www.innovation-days.wafios.com

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