14/04/2022 – More quantity and more quality

High strokes and sustainability

 "What's new?" – This will probably be the most frequently asked question Ideal-Werk will receive from its booth visitors at "wire 2022". As in every year of the exhibition, Ideal-Werk will present the answer to this question in form of two different exhibition machines.


The “GAM_816” industrial grid machine, the classic machine for the industrial sector. © Ideal-Werk


The “CSR_102” coordinate welding machine with NC welding presses. © Ideal-Werk


As a small preview for this year, the “GAM_816” as a classic machine for the industrial sector and the “CSR_102” as an NC jig welding machine for individual wire products will be presented and shown comprehensively at “wire”.

Cross wire magazine with over 200 strokes
In today's modern times, the quality of products usually takes quality over quantity. In order to achieve full customer experience and satisfaction, both areas are addressed and innovations are divided into solutions for both: more quantity and more quality. Ideal-Werk achieves this by drawing on years of experience and customer satisfaction to keep its finger on the pulse.

 With the new “GAM_816”, Ideal-Werk has succeeded in developing a new cross wire magazine with over 200 strokes. Furthermore, the machine has a penetration depth control. This item controls the quality of every single cross weld and increases the quality assurance.

From pneumatic to electrically powered steering
The NC jig welding machine for individual wire products is predestined for free and stepless use. The machine offers unlimited flexibility and great advantages in templating. To push this advantages in the future, all welding presses will be NC-driven and individually controllable. In order not to lose sight of the important aspect of sustainability, Ideal-Werk is moving away from pneumatic steering to electrically powered steering in their machines. This energy requirement is taken from renewable resources.

 After a long "Corona forced break" Ideal-Werk is looking forward to get in touch again in person at the “wire 2022” and to have interesting discussions with all customers and visitors about these and many other topics.

wire 2022, hall 15 booth D 04

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