FAC for strand casting plant modernised by Primetals

Primetals has received final acceptance certificate (FAC) for a modernised continuous slab caster at China's Angang Iron+Steel. The project improves output and product quality, and results greater flexibility for product mix and casting formats. The machine was revamped within just 30 days.


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London/Great Britain (Primetals) – December 2018, Primetals Technologies received the final acceptance certificate (FAC) for the modernised two-strand continuous slab caster “CCM1” in steel works no. 3 of China’s Angang Iron+Steel Group Co. in Anshan. The caster was started-up in late October 2018 and processed more than 1,700 heats equaling approximately 348,000 tons within less than two months. The objectives of the project were to improve the product quality and productivity, and also to increase the flexibility of the processing of different steel grades and casting formats. The casting plant is equipped with modern equipment and technology packages, including DynaGap Soft Reduction to improve the interior quality of the slabs. In order to minimise shutdown times, the project planning attached importance to a quick implementation: the casting machine was revamped within just 30 days.

Angang Iron+Steel has an annual production of approximately 35.8 million metric tons, and is one of China’s leading steel producers. Steel works no. 3 in Anshan employs a conversion route through a basic oxygen converter, ladle furnace and RH plant. It has an annual capacity of five million metric tons and supplies two casting plants. Continuous slab caster CCM2 has already been modernised by Primetals Technologies and has been back in successful operation since July 2015. The two-strand continuous slab caster CCM1 in steel works no. 3 has a production capacity of 2.5 million metric tons per annum. Its machine radius is nine meters and metallurgical length 36m. The caster produces slabs with a thickness of 230mm in widths ranging from 990mm to 1,550mm. The maximum casting speed is 2.1m/min. The plant casts ultra-low carbon to high carbon steels, peritectic, deep drawn and HSLA steels, as well as micro-alloyed, low-alloyed and silicon steels.



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