15/05/2022 – “Condorlube DF 18”

Evolution in cold forming

In the metalworking sector, cold formed screws and bolts are used in a wide range of applications. As example in the automotive sector, cold formed screws and bolts are used by manufacturers in every vehicle part, motor, steering, suspensions and other demanding applications.


The industrial application of “Condorlube DF 18” at their customer. © Condoroil


“Condorlube DF 18” creates, on the component surface, a thin and well adhered lubricating layer. © Condoroil


The classic production cycle, for these components, requires a preliminary conversion coating (based upon zinc phosphate) in order to create a layer able to absorb the lubricant (in most cases the lubrication is provided by soaps).

This production cycle is very complex and have high costs for the final user. Condoroil report below, as example, a traditional layout: Chemical or mechanical pickling; Activation; Phosphating; Rinsing and Neutralization.

The phases of activation, phosphating and rinsing require:
– High energy consumption (phosphating requires high bath temperatures)
– Great production of waste (the activation bath needs to be drained frequently, rinsing water need to be discharged frequently, the phosphating bath produces an high quantity of sludge)
– High labour costs (sludge removal, baths make up and maintenance)

It is also important to observe that this process is critical for the final result, a small variation of the operational parameters may cause the formation of a non-cohesive phosphate layer and problems to the subsequent drawing step. So, an apparently modest problem in the conversion phase (as example a temperature drop during the phosphating phase) may cause damage to the drawn plates, prolonged production stops and production of processing waste.

In order to solve these problems Condoroil have developed a new pretreatment process, based upon an innovative product: “Condorlube DF 18”

The usage of the polymer based product “Condorlube DF 18” allows to obtain a substantial production cycle reduction, and, consequently, a cost reduction, for the chemical pretreatment before the drawing/moulding operation.

“Condorlube DF 18” creates, on the component surface, a thin and well adhered lubricating layer; the so treated component may be subjected, depending from the severity of the operation, directly to the cold forming operation or to a subsequent treatment with drawing soaps.

The treatment with “Condorlube DF 18” totally replaces the phosphation phases, it follows that the production cycle becomes very simple: 1. Chemical or mechanical pickling; 2. “Condorlube DF 18”; 3. Drying.

A production cycle of that kind is really easy to manage for the final user and have reduced costs of management, disposal and labour. Moreover, thanks to his ease of use, it grants homogenous results. Residues of Condorlube DF 18 can be easily removed with an alkaline degreaser. “Condorlube DF 18” can be applied both in line and by immersion.

The formulation proposed by Condoroil Chemical (Condorlube DF 18) allows, with a single product, to solve all the problems typical of this kind of process, making it extremely advantageous for the final user.

Condoroil Chemical during his history has devoted a remarkable amount of research to the conversion coating processes, both traditional and nanotechnological, producing innovations that are now considered industrial standard.

Innovations which have greatly improved the production processes, making them less dangerous, less polluting and more economical.

It is the conviction of the company that, in the immediate future, there will be no more space for technologies with high environmental impact, so only eco-compatible production processes will be used. With this in mind, Condoroil believe that investing time and resources in optimising these processes is an investment for the future. “Condorlube DF 18” is born from this vision.

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