Dual-spindle thread and form rollers

A technical breakthrough in the-feed control is now allowing Videx to offer unattended, operator-free machines and expand its range of dual spindle machinery.


Wheel bolt machine. © Videx


Wheel bolt close up. © Videx

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The new models offer an updated flexible design which safely covers a wider range of parts than ever before with zero risk of bad feeds. The Videx dual-spindle machines will straighten, burnish, knurl and thread at high speeds, never before achieved on these machines. The wheel-bolt thread rollers that incorporate knurling and thread rolling can now run at speeds of up to 360 wheel bolts per minute. The two rolling operations are independent of each other, eliminating any influence of one rolling operation on the other, thus enabling faster production rate, better quality parts and the use of simple and economical dies even on complex rolling operations like burnishing or straightening.

Advantages of the dual spindle design:
– individual adjustments of each rolling operation require less skilled operators.
– separate rolling operations assure better quality of each rolling operation.
– higher production speeds; the second operation does not slow down the machine.
– less handling, eliminating the possibility of mixing parts.
– lower cost tooling; The dies are replaced in minutes and only when needed.

Both stations are equipped with controlled thread rolling feed-start, auto die clamping, zero-taper mechanism for parallel threads and micrometric thread pressure screws, as well as full speed control, automatic air shut-off and two operator control panels.

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