30/11/2022 – Maintenance

Digital service products

Qualified knowledge transfer, sustainable support and the guarantee of low-maintenance production are the focus of Ideal customer service. Professional and regular maintenance minimises unscheduled and cost-intensive downtimes and ensures production capability.


Digital service products. © Ideal-Werk


Safe, fast, cost-effective and very close - Ideal's audiovisual service makes machine maintenance child's play and the repair an easy exercise. Via mobile phone, tablet or virtual data glasses, our customers receive the best possible support from our service technicians. Live audio-visual transmission provides our specialists with detailed information to quickly identify problems and rectify them quickly with the help of instructions and projection. Contact their service, arrange a telephone appointment or video call and the support can begin.

 The multifunctional glasses provide additional support for the technician on the spot. The glasses are equipped with a camera, a microphone, headphones and a screen to make the technical support via video call even better. By using the glasses, the technician has the possibility to use both hands. Nevertheless, the Ideal service can follow and describe all steps exactly. Customers employees are quickly and easily able to show the service technician their system and your problem “live” via smartphone, tablet or data glasses. Another advantage is the immediate success control.

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