18/05/2022 – Environmental and safety regulations

Borax free lubricant salt

Condoroil Chemical has developed a borax free lubricant carrier salt to facilitate the cold forming of workpieces of stainless steel. The product allows to obtain high quality drawn materials,  working in compliance with the current environmental and safety regulations about the SVHC substances use.


Walzdraht mit Salzeinsatz “Condorlub 280 SAL”. © Condoroil


“Condorlub 280 SAL”. © Condoroil

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The increasingly stringent EU regulations on environment and safety make it necessary to review numerous industrial processes. Substances that may have serious effects on human health and the environment are classified as substances of very high concern (SVHCs) and added to the Candidate List. The use of these substances or articles containing these substances is regulated and limited. Moreover, substances placed on the Candidate List can move to the Authorisation List, meaning that, after a given date, companies will not be allowed to sell or to use it, unless they have been authorised to do so.

Among these, boron and boron containing salts interest the wires and bars industry. These substances are the key components of the lubricant carrier salts used as primary step in the lubrication prior to drawing and cold forming processes.

Condoroil Chemical developed “Condorlube 280 SAL”, an innovative product, totally free from boron and its derivatives, efficient for stainless steel salting processes. The product is a mixture of salts partially soluble in water, which provides a semi-transparent – low roughness coating on stainless steel wires and profiles. The crystalline deposit obtained with “Condorlube 280 SAL” is ideal for the adhesion of all the lubricants used in the cold forming processes.

The material to be formed is immersed into a water solution of “Condorlube 280 SAL” at temperatures comprises from 80°C to 95°C. After few seconds or few minutes, depending on the process characteristics, the material is extracted from the bath and dried by evaporation thanks to the high temperature. The rapidity of the drying step allows to avoid or reduce the dragging of salt by dropping.

“Condorlube 280 SAL” is a turning point in the field having some characteristics that make it absolutely innovative:
– total absence of borax and boron derivatives
– very low coefficient of hygroscopicity that limits the absorption of atmospheric moisture
– extreme adherence to the substrate that drastically reduces the dustiness during material processing and handling
– reduction of the working concentration thanks to the strong adhesion to the material, the formation of a homogeneous deposit and the high pick up capacity towards lubricants
– easy bath maintenance by monitoring the solution density

The author is Emanuela Rocco, Condoroil Chemical srl

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