12/04/2024 – Niehoff at “wire 2024”

A wide variety of technological innovations

The next-generation rod breakdown line type “MSM 88 + R 503” for copper and aluminum wires will be shown in the Innovation Cube. The line is characterized by a strong performance combined with huge savings in energy costs and CO2 emissions.


Bobbin rewinding machine type “SMB”. © Niehoff


Rod breakdown line type “MSM 88 + R 503”. © Niehoff

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Maschinenfabrik Niehoff will show at the wire 2024 trade fair:
– a rod breakdown line type “MSM 88 + world first R 503”,
– a multiwire drawing line type “MMH 132 + RM 162”,
– an “NPS” Spooler type “SV 403 D”,
– a bobbin rewinding machine type “SMB”,
– a “BMV 16” type rotary braiding machine,
– and the new service concept “Niehoff LifeCycle+” including the new digital service platform “myNiehoff”.

HFSAB (H. Folke Sandelin AB), an independent company of the Niehoff Group, will be exhibiting the die block of a horizontal lead extruder equipped with a semi-automatic centering device. A device for cutting start-up scrap will be presented digitally.

All the machines are operated intuitively via the NMI (NIEHOFF Machine Interface). With the new digital service platform “myNiehoff”, part of the new “Niehoff LifeCycle+” service concept, machine and process data can be monitored online.

Description of the exhibits
The next-generation rod breakdown line type “MSM 88 + R 503” for copper and aluminum wires will be shown in the Innovation Cube. The line is characterized by a strong performance combined with huge savings in energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Its centerpieces are the new drawing machine type “MSM 88” driven by torque motors and the new continuous resistance annealer type “R 503” using the patented “HEAT” system (High Efficiency Annealing Technology), which ensures an improved recrystallization process.

This technology and the fact that the line can work continuously at an increased production speed enable users to achieve enormous cost advantages. More information about the annealing technology and performance calculation examples will be given at the booth.

The new type “MMH 132” multiwire drawing machine for copper and aluminum wires is a member of a completely new generation of multiwire drawing lines. Like all MMH type machines, it is based on a modular system and can optimally be tailored to specific customer requirements. Built with one or two levels – each level being able to draw 12 or 16 wires – and in two lengths for 23 or 27 drafts, the machine is designed to process up to 16 hard copper wires with an inlet diameter of 2.6mm per level. The “MMH 132” can be combined with a type “RM 162” or type “RM 202” multiwire resistance annealer. The line can operate reliably at a speed of up to 40 m/s. Therefore, the customer benefits from a considerable increase in production output compared to conventional drawing lines, while at the same time making significant energy savings in relation to the production volume.

The latest innovation of the “Niehoff Package System” (NPS), an efficient tried-and-tested storage system for automotive wires, is the NPS double spooler type “SV 403 D”. It can work reliably at a maximum production speed of 2,400m/min in the product range 0.13– 0.50mm² (cable diameter 1.25mm) thus achieving a 30% higher production output than its predecessor SV 402 D. To achieve this increase, Niehoff has developed a device that keeps the spools stable under the high centrifugal forces that act during the spooling process. Spool change takes place at full production speed. A protection against splinters prevents wire damage when the cable is shifted from the full to the empty spool. A secure guidance of the flying wire ends and vibration-free operation of the spool carrier avoids insulation faults. Vibration monitoring of the quill detects inferior-quality or damaged NPS spools before damage occurs during the pre-acceleration process. As there are no wear-prone smoothing brushes, maintenance is reduced. The spooling direction is freely selectable. The “SV 403 D” will be demonstrated with an “ARS” type pay-off.

Niehoff’s rewinding machines respool wires drawn on multiwire drawing machines onto braiding bobbins for rotary braiding machines. The new four-spindle rewinder type “SMB” was developed from the “DSA-4” model and can continuously supply around eight to ten braiders with bobbins. With a speed of up to 800 m/min, the SMB is 200 m/min faster than its predecessor

Four braiding spools fed automatically from a magazine can be spooled at the same time. Supplying the bobbins, fixing both wire ends, spooling according to the parameters stored in the recipe management system, and fixing and cutting the wire ends and bobbin change are carried out automatically. As an option, the wire bundles can be split. The wires in the wire bundle are arranged parallel to a large extent and have no length differences between them. Thus, the bundles can be processed into high-quality braids at high braiding speeds with very low wire break frequency. As the bobbin magazines are mounted ergonomically, the operator can now stand upright to refill empty bobbins or remove the filled bobbins.

The “BMV 16” type vertical lever-arm rotary braiding machine can automatically accelerate the bobbin speed from 175 rpm to a maximum value of 200 rpm. This allows the braiding performance to increase by 10%. With the help of Niehoff’s patented “Wire Tension Control” (WTC) system, all braiding wires – from full to empty braiding bobbin – are applied to the product to be braided under uniform tension. The result is flawless shielding, which is required for more and more applications. The braider keeps the braiding coverage ratio of the product to be braided constant at the set value. As only the absolutely necessary amount of braiding wire is applied, up to 10% material can be saved. Multiple monitoring systems enable unattended operation over longer periods of time and without frequent operator intervention. The “BMV 16” type rotary braiding machine is designed for processing bare or plated round or flat wire made from copper, aluminum, iron and stainless steel as well as yarn and fibers made of plastic.

In the new, extended service concept “Niehoff LifeCycle+” Niehoff’s numerous services are combined that ensure that Niehoff customers can use Niehoff machines in the best possible way over their entire life cycle. “Niehoff LifeCycle+ consists of four stages, which cover the installation of new machines, their first production run and the on-site training of the operators (1), the supply of spare and wear parts with the Niehoff Original+ label (2), service matters including remote and on-site maintenance measures (3), and the overhaul and modernization of Niehoff machines as well as machine relocations (4).

Visitors to the Niehoff booth experience this concept and learn how to benefit best from the new digital service platform “myNiehoff” and how features like “Niehoff Monitoring” and “Niehoff Output Tune” can revolutionize their production.

Complete solutions from a single source
With more than 70 years of experience in the wire and cable industry, Maschinenfabrik Niehoff builds machinery for the production of non-ferrous wires and their processing into automotive, power, data and special cables. Niehoff pays great attention to the longevity of its products and is committed to manufacturing machinery that is characterized by reliability, process stability, high productivity, energy and materials efficiency, and reduced CO2 emissions.

Niehoff is certified by the German Environmental Auditors Board EMAS, belongs to the Blue Competence sustainability initiative of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) and with regard to its corporate social responsibility (CSR) cooperates with the international platform for sustainability ratings EcoVadis. Niehoff Group has a workforce of around 1200 employees worldwide and is comprised of its headquarters, manufacturing subsidiaries in Brazil, the US, the Czech Republic, India, China, and Sweden along with sales and service centers in Japan, Singapore, and Mexico.

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