07/09/2023 – Spring manufacturing / Grinding

A grinding machine for each spring to be ground

OMD Officina Meccanica Domaso S.p.A., an international company known for its experience and competence in the field of machinery for springs, manufactures and develops a full range of grinding machines for any production requirement.


Electronic precision spring end grinding machine: MA 10-2/E. © OMD


Automatic loading systems: robotic “RLM” © OMD

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Starting from the “M1E” the smallest electronic grinder suitable for grinding micro-springs with wire diameter from 0.10mm and geometric dimensions of a few millimeters, to the “MA” series of automatic grinders, from special multi-head grinders to the “H” and “HA” series of water-cooled grinders designed for grinding spring ends with wire diameters up to 95mm, external diameter 780mm and spring length 1,800mm.

Grinding is a process that greatly affects the product cost of the springs and it is therefore essential to pay close attention when choosing the grinder in order to obtain the best production and quality results.

The experience acquired by OMD in the field of grinding, allows us to offer to our customers the opportunity to purchase both the single grinding machine and to work out customized solutions for any requirement, developing turnkey projects and equipping the machines with vacuum systems and/or cooling systems, with automatic loading systems both traditional “ALM” and robotic “RLM”, electronic pressing systems for locking the springs in the machine and control systems for controlling the length of the ground springs.

OMD has always chosen a balance between tradition and innovation to best deal with the continuous evolution of the market, creating products of the highest quality and reliability. The grinders are equipped with electronics, sensors and monitoring software, telediagnosis, scheduled maintenance and remote control that make them ready to be included into Industry 4.0 production systems.

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