05/05/2023 – Surface treatment

Wire cleaning equipment

Geo-Reinigungstechnik GmbH (Geo), an expert in wire cleaning equipment, offers systems using ultrasound, high pressure, steam, brushes and textiles.


Single and multi-wire cleaning. © Geo-Reinigungstechnik


Hardly any other company offers such a broad range of methods for cleaning and surface treatment of wires, cables, strips, tubes and other continuous materials. Typical applications are the reduction or removal of drawing agent, particles and fines, whether for final cleaning or prior to further operations such as wire forming, coating or extrusion.

 This year, the focus of their presentation lies on efficient mechanical processes to increase the quality of surfaces. Using cost-efficient textile tapes for cleaning, simplest installation and handling are the hallmarks of Geo's space-saving “LS WST Single” and “LS WST Twin” systems, which are used prior to a variety of demanding surface treatments, such as the extrusion and painting of copper conductors. A wide range of accessories such as powerful and economical air wipes, spiral brushes, lubricants, and testing systems for final quality inspection complete the range. Geo-Reinigungstechnik welcomes its trade show visitors at the booth of its American representative Cable Consultants Corp.

Interwire 2023, booth 350

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