27/10/2022 – “wire China 2022” features

Wire and cable high-quality measuring machinery

“wire China 2022” will gather leading suppliers specialising in measuring equipment in this December.


“Restest 8134”. © Aesa Cortaillod


Innovative “X-RAY 8000”. © Sikora

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With the continuous development of China's economy and the “One Belt, One Road” plan in recent years, investments in 5G infrastructure, ultra-high voltage, intercity rail transit, new energy vehicles and other fields has undoubtedly promoted the wide application of electrical equipment cables, power cables and communication cables and other cable products.

To achieve stable and durable quality of products, high-quality detection technology is essential in each process of wire and cable production. If customers are sourcing this kind of products, please do not hesitate to network with them at the exhibition.

Sikora, booth No: 13-H05
Sikora is a global manufacturer and supplier of measuring, control, inspection, analysis and sorting technology for the wire and cable, hose and tube, sheets as well as optical fibre and plastics industry.

Aesa Cortaillod, booth No: 13-H18
Aesa Cortaillod is a global leading company in cable test industry, providing online resistance measurement, sample resistance measurement for energy cables and automatic test equipment for communication cables.

Marposs, booth No: 13-J09
Founded in 1952 in Italy, Marposs is supplier of measurement equipment and technology, providing the widest range of precision equipment for production and quality control applications.

Taymer, booth No: 13-H16
Founded in 1961 Taymer, in-line quality assurance specialist, focus on the design and development of machine vision, cable marking and length measuring equipment.

Proton, booth No: 13-K03
Proton Products is manufacturer of instrumentation and control equipment for cable production, including laser doppler speed and length gauge, laser diameter gauge, capacitance gauge, etc.

Screate Dala, booth No: 13-K08
Screate Dala Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in technical innovation. The company provide highly reliable, high-precision products of measurement equipment for wire industry and wire drawing dies industry.